Happy Holidays
from Storybird
“Hello and welcome to Storybird Headquarters! Normally, since it’s your first day working here, you’d start with an orientation tour to get you all settled in. But I have a task for you, and time is a little short. So just to be on the safe side let’s skip the orientation for now and get you started right away.”
“Alright, that sounds fine to me, I’m excited to get started!”
“Great, great. Ok, so here’s the task. We have a yearly tradition of a holiday story for all of our wonderful members. It’s um, due today. Good luck!”
“Ok, no problem, I’ll get right to work on that.”
“Great. I’ve got to run to a kiteboarding session, I’ll be back in a little while to check on you.”
(time passes)
“Hey there, how’s it goin’ champ? Got that story done yet?”
“Almost done! I’ve got this great story about Santa going on vacation, but then...”
“I’m going to stop you right there. Did you, by any chance, read last year’s holiday story?”
“Noooo, why?”
“You’re describing pretty much the same story we did last year. I admire the creativity, but obviously we can’t do repeats.”
“Oh! Wow! I had no idea! Well, great minds think alike I guess. Hmm, ok, well I did have a few other ideas I’ll see what else I can come up with.”
“Great, you do that. I’ve got a Skee-Ball tournament to get to, I’ll be back to check on you later.”
(more time passes)
“I’m back. How’s it going?”
“Nice trophy.”
“Thank you. Now how did those other story ideas pan out?”
“I tried a few things and settled on one that I’m just putting the finishing touches on now.”
“That’s great! What’s it about?”
“It’s about the office cat helping to make presents, which is really nice of him, but he’s a cat! So all sorts of madcap hi..jin..ks.... What?”
“You aren’t going to believe this.”
“No way”
“Yep, I think that was actually the first one we did. Ahh memories.”
“I assure you, yes.”
“Wow. You people come up with some wild story ideas.”
“Look who’s talking. Well hey, the good news is it sounds like you’re going to fit in perfectly here! So keep at it, I’ll be back right after lunch.”
“Oh, great idea! I’m pretty hungry myself.”
“I’ll bring something back for you.”
(yet more time passes) (but with tacos)
“MMmmmMM mmmm MMMM! What a great lunc...oh. Um, sorry, I guess forgot to bring you something. Don’t worry, you didn’t miss much. The chocolate fountain was only about 3 feet high today, and.... Ahem. So how’s the story? Done yet?”
“Uh, that’s ok, I wasn’t really that hungry anyway (grumble).”
“What was that?”
“Just my stomach....”
“Oh, ok, nothing important then. I was worried that the tiger got loose again. So! Story. Done yet?”
“I think I’ve got a winner this time boss. It’s a spin on ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas, but I’ve changed the words...and...I can already tell from your face.”
“Yep, we did that one four years ago.”
“Ok, ok, um, no problem. I have other ideas. How about a detective story set right here at Storybird HQ?”
“Two years ago.”
“You’ve got to be.... Fine. What if someone tries to throw a holiday party, but the invitations get lost in the mail?”
“Unreal. Ok, how about: Chocolate Delivery Gone Awry?”
“Did it.”
“Giant robots storm Storybird Headquarters, but the twist is...”
“Ha, yeah, that was a good one.”
“Alright. Fine. It sounds like you’ve already written all the stories I can come up with. Try this: There’s a giant squid who flies a spaceship, but what she really wants to do is farm potatoes with her gnome friend, and the holidays are coming up.”
“There’s no possible way you’ve already told that story!”
“No, that’s a new one. But it’s um, maybe a little too zany? Even for us.”
“Yeah, you’re probably right, that one got away from me a bit. Boss, I’m stumped. How do you guys do this every year?”
“Oh, I don’t know, we usually just find a piece of artwork that inspires us and go from there.”
“Yeah, of course artwork. Wait. Have you not been looking at the artwork? Oh no! We skipped your orientation, didn’t we? Wowza. Heh, sorry about that, my bad. How have you even been coming up with all these.... No matter. Let me make it up to you. How about if we go through the artwork hall to find some inspiration and write this thing together? I’ve got a bit of time before my basket weaving seminar, let’s knock this thing out and then go get ice cream.”
(a short bit of time passes)
“Well that was a whole lot easier. They’re going to love this story. It’s got all the hallmarks of a classic Storybird Holiday Story. Uh, boss, one question though. Do you have any tips on how to end a story like this? I also had that problem with all the ideas I had before.”
“Yeah, endings are hard. We’re still working on those....”
From all of us at Storybird, Happy Holidays and thanks for yet another spectacular year of stories!

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