trying to find her
Music is my life. Literally.
I’m Melody Anderson. I love music to the bottom of my heart. I play piano and guitar, and I’m in the school choir, and I’m the soloist too. I’m always up to date on the top music and I’ve memorized all the lyrics to thousands of songs. I sing everywhere - in the shower, at the park, sometimes I can’t help it during shows and other concerts too.
But what I love so much about music is that it’s everywhere. All the wind whistling, the trees rustling, the birds chirping, the trains choo-chooing, the motorbikes revving, the kettle boiling, the pan sizzling, the ocean splashing, the children playing, the balls bouncing - there is literally music everywhere. I could write a whole piece of all the sounds in one day.
Every music has a message. Most people don’t hear it, but I do. There’s always some emotion and feeling, something they want to tell you. A secret encrypted message, that they built into the song.
I believe in music. I think, if people just really listen, this world would be a better place.
Music is so great, but so many are oblivious to the real wonder of music. For example, people who think they can sing, they can’t. Most singers don’t even know how to read music. There are certain notes to each word in a song, but all those singers do are copy the notes, without even knowing there were real notes in the first place, which is stupid.
Another example is when people play music, but they don’t feel it. They try too hard. Music is a smooth flow, a calm river. But people try too hard and they splash about, and they drown.
I have my life all planned out. I’m going to study music, music, and music in high school, then I’ll keep going, and I’ll be famous because I’ll be a multi-threat. I can already play the piano, the violin, the drums, and the guitar. I can sing opera, pop, rock, any type. I’m pitch perfect.
So many ways people misunderstand music. Why can’t people just get it?
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