You Seen
Anna Wells?
lower case makes the better case and punctuation is a waste of space.
She smelled liked pressed flowers and libraries
her eyes always dropped like she was falling asleep
her hands were rough and angry like the crashing waves of the ocean
teeth jagged and crooked like rocks
not in a cutesy way
in a scary way
and she made them look wonderful
she had laugh lines look young
and non-pearly white teeth perfect
and frizzy, flame-like crisp hair exceptional
she made unideal appearances
look like goddesses
only she could
only she did
the boys were terrified of her
and her toffee skin
dented with dark hair
but they admired her
and though she was strong
she was vulnerable and miserable
and made it look so beautiful
like everyone should look when they suffer
and she suffered without a smile
but with a wink
and without a heart
but with a brain
she only wrote in lowercase letters
because she said those spoke louder
than CAPTIALS because soft voices
are wanted to be heard
they make better points
than regular sentences
she hated punctuation
because words should never
be stopped
one thing was for sure
I remember a long time ago
I loved this girl
very much
so much
it hurt me
and it hurt her
and I wouldn’t stop for the world
but her invitation arrived six days late
so I never went to her funeral

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