He Will Come For Me
A Special Visit and Special Fries
“You want fries with that?”
“No thank you.”
I walk to the kitchen, rolling my eyes. They never want fries with it. ‘Cause fries are just an extra item added to the bill. No one’s ever concerned about the waitress, because that extra item on their bill is an extra dollar on her paycheck.
I’m ‘her’. The waitress. Dark brown hair to my mid back, dark gray eyes, light tan skin, tall and skinny. 18 years old, old enough to live alone and old enough to have a job. Old enough to go to college, too. But that sure ain’t happening with this salary.
“Chef, I want a double heartburn drowned in gravy.”
“A two-patty burger with gravy on the side comin’ right up.”
That’s Chef and my secret code at work, there. Chef and I have a real good connection. Mainly ‘cause Chef and I are brother and sister.
This restaurant is owned by my parents, you see. And my brother and I (his real name is Clef, but we all call him Chef) work there. I live away from home in a small apartment a block away, but Chef still lives with our parents in the apartment above the restaurant.
Our restaurant doesn’t get much business, but today’s a good day. At one point, the tables were all filled. That was real surprising.
I bring the man his double heartburn and go on to help another customer. He’s well-dressed and I look dingy next to him in my Marvel Superheroes shirt and jean shorts. He has sandy blonde hair with brownish streaks and misty green eyes that seem to shine. I straighten my apron and ask for his order.
“May I have the sauteed shrimp soup please?”
I grin. “That’s our specialty, there! Also, my favorite item on the menu. That comes with a salad. What would you like?”
“Double roasted chicken salad, please. Hold the salsa.”
I grin again. “Exactly how I like it. You a meat lover? You should come back and try our Mudslide Burger.”
“I’ll take it to go,” he says earnestly with a smile after looking at it in his menu.
I take the menu and ask the ill-fated question. “You want fries with that?”
“Why yes please.”
I blink at him and slowly walk away with a dazed smile. I think I’m gonna like this customer.
Back at home I heat up my take-out from the restaurant and settle down on my couch with a comic book. This couch is my prized possession. I stopped buying comic books for a year just to buy it. Boy, that was a tough time. I really love my comic books. And my couch.
Suddenly, I hear a knock at my door. I put down my take-out (a Mudslide Burger) and go to answer it.
And who is it at the door but the guy who ordered fries.
I adjust my shirt, noticing a slight gravy stain on it. I clear my throat. “Um, hello. How may I help you?”
“You remind me of a certain waitress I met today,” he tells me.
“Oh really?”
“Yes, and I was very surprised to find out my friend lived in the same apartment building as her.”
“Oh really?”
“Yup. Could you be this lovely waitress I speak of?”
“Well, I do believe so.” I smile. “But maybe not so lovely.”
“You’re right,” he says, sizing me up. “More like beautiful.”
And that was where it all began.

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