Head over Heels
An Announcement: Alyssa
“We’re going to a beach house.... is it actually on the beach!?” Tom yells.
“We’re going to a beach house! Where? With who? How long!??” I yell. My nana and granddad just announced that we’re going to go camping! I’ve never been camping before and it is sooooo exciting!
“Well,” My nana starts in her frail old-person voice “Your granddad, me, Alyssa, Tom, your mother and your mother’s friend and her family.”
“Who is in mum’s friend’s family?” Tom squeals, he is jumping off the walls in excitement, not literally. Well, he is jumping on the couch (so am I), we are in the lounge right now.
“Your mother’s friend, Janet, her husband, Tony, their daughter -who is 17- Hannah, and their son, Jared, who is 15, the same age as you, Alyssa.” Granddad speaks this time. He is literally the best granddad ever. He doesn’t have a walking stick, does a lot of stuff, helps a lot of people, and he is 90 years old.
“Whenarewegoing!?” Tom says quickly, whilst jumping off the couch and onto the carpet.
“Pardon?” Nana says, looking confused.
“When are we going?” I repeat, less quickly and more clearly than Tom said.
“In a couple of days,” Nana looks around at me and Tom “start packing what you want. Also, we are going for two weeks. We’re going to, what as your father’s, beach house. In Napier.”
‘Uhhh, I don’t want to paaaaack. I can’t be bothered!” Tom moans.
He’s only 9 years old, so he normally wouldn’t have to pack his own stuff. But since I’m 15, I do my own stuff now.
I jump off the couch and go towards the lounge door, and open it wide. I dash through the hallway, straight down, then a right.... or.... was it a-a left? I don’t remember.
I run to the end of the hallway and get to my door. It says “Alyssa’s room” in pink and green and orange sparkly letters on the door. I open it, and go in.
My bed in my bedroom is against the far wall. The covers are rainbow and have black and orange cats all over it. Their is a white bedside table, but the drawers on it are light blue. On the table, is a red lamp. Next to the door, is a desk, and next to the desk, is a bookcase. I don’t actually read much though.
Next to that bookcase is a mirror that starts at the ceiling and ends at the floor. At the end of my bed, is a pink and orange small dresser.
I walk over to the mirror, and look into it.
I see a girl, 15 years of age, and is sort of tall for her age. I see that the girl has pig tails, they don’t stick out, but they go down her back to her waist. Her hair is on one side, pink, and on the other side, it is light blue. The girl is wearing a pink dress that goes down to her knees. The dress has a cat face on it, I am in love with cats completely. The girl is wearing light pink leggings that have white spots on them. She’s also wearing a cat-ears headband.
I look away from the mirror and over to the dresser. My granddad comes in my room.
“Hiya, graaaanddaaaaaad!” I squeal “What’s up?”
“Do you need me to get your suit case from the basement? I know you don’t like the darkness down there.” He says in his depressed voice.
I look at him questioningly.
“The wheelie-bag, do you want me to get it for you?” He says again.
“Yes please.” I nod and speak.
Granddad leaves the room, and I get all fuzzy inside. I have so many questions. like, when had my dad got a beach house? Why did he not tell us about it? Why are we going to the beach house this holidays, and not last holidays? I shrug to myself, open my dresser, and start to grab the clothes I want to take with me.

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