Will they save her in tIme?
Healing Mother Nature
We were walking down the street on the island where we lived, Enchanted Isle. The main land was a few miles off and you could faintly see the trees that lined the cost. We were heading home from school, when we got close to the square the excitement started, we heard the sound of wind. After the wind came a loud roar. By then we were at the center town square. People all over started running around screaming. People even ran out of the shops and buildings to see what the all the noise was about.
“What’s happening?” I yelled over the screaming and into the wind.
Lucas, Ivy’s twin brother called back to me, “Look Up! There’s a dragon!”
I looked up “ Wow.” I stood there looking at the blue cloudless sky (other than the dragon) our mouths open in awe. Beside me, my friend Ivy and my twin sister Storm were doing the same. Above us was a huge red dragon, it was probably 20 feet long counting its tail. It’s wings were probably 5 feet long each. It was the biggest animal I had ever seen.
Maxima stepped out of the leader’s den, which was on the East side of the town square. “What’s this all abou-“ she stopped in her tracks when she saw the dragon which was now landing In the middle of the square. “Oh my!” She exclaimed quickly, “you’re here early!”
Maxima led the dragon to a opening that goes to the forest and began talking with it in a low whisper. When she was done talking she yelled four names; Brooklyn, Storm, Lucas, Ivy. We looked at each other confused but then took off in a jog after Maxima.
What could this be about? She barely knows who we are let alone our names. I thought anxiously as we ran.
Past our house, which was probably at least half mile from the square. She, Maxima, said we needed to go to a place where we could talk without being overheard.
“I don’t mean to bother you, Maxima, but where are we going and why?” Lucas asked between breaths.
“Those questions will be answered soon. We are almost there.” Maxima responded in between breaths.
We were all struggling to keep up. She was moving quite fast. Finally she slowed to a walk.
“Here we are. This is the Pinewood Training Center or for short and times when we can’t let other people know, the PTC.
“The what now?” Storm asked.
“The Pinewood Training Center.” Maxima said again. “ You can call it the PTC if you like.”
I looked at the building it was made of sturdy pinewood We walked into through the dark pinewood doors. Inside there was a small sized room with desks lining the room that had laptops and tablets sitting on them. There was also door which I assume leads out into a hallway. In the middle of the room there was a table with six chairs pulled up to it
“Sit down, I have something to tell you.” Maxima said before anyone could say anything. “You all have powers, superpowers. Kind of. You each have one main power that is the strongest power that each of you has. You all have one of the four elements: water, fire, air and earth. You also have side powers, one main and a few others, though they haven’t developed yet you still have them. Brooklyn your main power is water.” Maxima finished.
“ Wow, I can’t believe it!” I exclaimed with happiness I absolutely love water, and riding the boat.
Maxima continued without so much as giving a nod to me or any sign she heard me; “ Lucas yours is fire.”
“ Really, fire, awesome!” Lucas called out pumping his fist into the air. I had never ever seen him this excited before. But I had also never worried so much about him before.
Again Maxima continued without acknowledging him “Storm your power is air, and Ivy yours is earth.”
Storm and Ivy both bounced in their chairs in excitement, overall they were the calmest out of the four of us, but still quite excited.
“ I need to go talk to the dragon privately, so you all go home and I will see you tomorrow meet me here at 10:00 in the morning.”
“I thought the dragon left.” Ivy told her.
“Step outside then will you. He finds it easier to fly and soon you will find it easier to use your powers instead of walking.” She replied standing up.
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