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The school bell rang. Students rushed into their next classroom. In one classroom, students opened up their textbooks and waited for the teacher to arrive. Suddenly the class became quiet as a girl walked in.
“Look, it’s that wierd girl.”
“Hey, the creeper is here.”
“I heard she yelled at a teacher.”
“No way!”
More whispering so erupted in the classroom. The girl just passed them and sat at her seat in the back corner of the classroom.
The girl was stunningly beautiful. She had caramel brown hair that reached her hips, and enchanting grey eyes. Her skin was a perfect tan and she wore a blue star covered sweater and navy blue jeans.
This girl’s name was Stefanie Kita.
Stefanie was the popular girl in the school. And not in a good way. She was famous for being cold hearted. Every single person she had dated, were friends with, or she knew, tried to crush her. Tried to make her smile, or to cry, to laugh, to blush, to frown. To have some emotion.
But she never did.
Her last boyfriend cheated on her on purpose, to see if she was hurt. Stefanie just looked at him with blank eyes and asked, “so does that mean we’re over?”
Everyone was wondering why she was expressionless. Why she was emotionless, why she supposedly had no heart.
We are going to see how this story first sprouted. And what happened in that morning she walked into class.
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