By M.O.P.
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Ninth Grade Jitters
You’d think mothers would be helpful in a situation like this. Like they’d, I don’t know, tell you that everything would be alright. But my mother wouldn’t do that.
She padded me up like a hockey player, making sure barely and skin could be harmed. And if that wasn’t enough, she put patting on my shoulders, and made me wear a helmet disguised as some sort of ugly hat.
Now, I may be no Einstein, but I’m pretty sure ninth grade girls don’t wear that sort of thing. And judging? I’m pretty sure that’s a thing they do...
But, tomorrow is the first day of school, and I can’t change that fact. I wish I could, being I haven’t seen Sean since the whole, “I’m dating Leah,” thing.
I guess I’ll just have to do my best. What other can I do?
Don’t go to the Halloween Dance. DON’T GO TO THE HALLOWEEN DANCE! Oh, if only my past self could hear me...

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