By M.O.P.
Heart Past
Okay, so here’s a recap of the recent events that I can mentally process:
1. Christmas.
2. Past.
3. Mason.
And it’s all because of the heart.
When class ended, I took a look at mini me. Oh, if only she knew what she was in for.
The second I thought that, my world spun. Literally. Like a tornado, around me all of the colors morphed into a grey, swirling storm.
When it settled, I realized where I was. Or, when I was, rather. I was at Sean’s house — and it looked like I was crying.
Sean was patting sixth-grade me’s back. He always was there for me.
I miss him.
Oh, I know when this was — when Mason kissed May. That cold-hearted, mean, selfish kiss that changed everything. Why?
That got me thinking. I took the heart into my hands, and imagined the park. And sixth grade. And Mason.
The tornado was back, circling around me. When it cleared, I saw the park. And I saw Mason and May. They were walking around the swing set. I walked up to them. They weren’t talking, too deep in their own thoughts.
I saw sixth grade me and sixth grade Sean walk into the park area.
“She’s here! Do it now!” May whisper-screamed. Mason kissed May, and sixth-grade me watched from afar.
My mouth dropped.
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