by m.o.p.
Heart Tear
My sadness creeps up on me like a cat on a mouse. If you try to ignore it, it just gets worse.
Ever since I was 12 I’ve had my heart broken. Just as I started to think he could be the one... My heart shattered. Into a million pieces.
I’m done. This time I’m serious. No more liking, no more crushing... I’m DONE. I can’t go through another broken heart.
He’s my worst enemy now. I guess, technically, he‘s the devil’s son, so he should be everyone’s enemy.
Okay, maybe not the devil’s son, but pretty close to it.
I’ve got to much on my mind for a fifteen-year-old girl. Let alone him.
He will just try to ruin my life, no matter what.
I’m sure your wondering what happened, with him. Let me tell you, it’s pretty sad.
You still want to read on?
I’ll start from the beginning of sixth grade...
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