Two gates, two places
Meeting the Angels
The last thing that I remembered, the only thing I remembered, was the color white.
Extreme white that my eyes strained to adjust to. Before I knew it, I was in a freaky ball of light shooting into space. And there you have it. I’m nuts.
The orb, or whatever, shot me into layers of clouds. I wasn’t the least bit freaked out about any of this, because I thought it was a dream when I walked up to a table with a secretary-looking person sitting at it.
“Hi.” I sounded so dumb, but then again, I knew this was a bit too surreal.
The secretary didn’t bother to look up from her documents.
“Name?” she asked.
I wondered if I should tell her or not.
“Um, Elle Shiare.” Mumbling, I turned away, taking in the surrounding area. The only thing in sight were two gates aside from clouds. One of them was gold, and the other, peeling obsidian black.
“Don’t look there yet, hon.” The secretary said. She seemed so fake that I felt like puking, and I glanced upward to the sky, as if I was asking for help.
I heard clicking coming from her mouse, and she spun around her chair as something printed.
Then I noticed her wings. Feathered, gigantic white wings.
“You know that it’s rude to stare at an angel’s wings, right?”
I immediately turned away, cheeks burning. How was I supposed to know that? And I hadn’t even met an angel before, so I don’t know “angel manners” or whatever.
The angel stapled the papers in a packet, stacking them up neatly.
“Poor girl, died young. That sucks.”
I had no clue what she was talking about.
“Well, congratulations, you made it to heaven. I would have hated sending you to the other place.”
She motioned to the obsidian gates, and I moved my eyes back to them. So I was in the gold gate, huh?
“Excuse me, what did you mean when you said died-“ I was abruptly cut off by the angel, as she threw a bag and keys at me.
“Lucky girl, huh? You got room 7756. Fortunately for you Mr. Snipper’s soul had to be moved to the-“, She paused dramatically, looking up to the sky. “The the other place.“
How fake could this angel get?
“Oh, by the way, if you want to train for your wings, just see Secretary R. in the lobby.”
Before I could ask any questions, she yelled, “NEXT!”.
I didn’t notice the giant line behind me before, but I had already been pushed through the gates by the doorman. And boy, was heaven better than they described it. “The lobby is the first thing you’ll see when you head in. The big building.” The doorman pointed in front of me, and I stood, admiring the towering white, gold, and silver buildings.Heaven people sure loved white and gold.
“Thank-“ my voice faded off as the doorman stalked away. Holding the slip of paper in my sweaty hand, I walked towards the building with it, hope, and nothing else.
The door was huge. And I mean huge. It was a giant, silver spiraling door that reminded me of the streets of New York, and had gold flecks on the bottoms. And the lobby? It was way taller than the door. Inside the lobby, people bustled too and from as if they had jobs, and I could see nothing but smiles on their faces. And a weird colored light trailing behind each one of them.
“Oh, you must be the new girl. Lucky you weren’t stuck out there on the waiting list. That’s tough for a new arrival- you must be extra special.”
Whipping around, I spotted green eyes looking at me, and I let out a small shriek as a I covered my mouth.
Not only was Reyna my idol, she was literally an angel. Or, I mean, at least she used to be my idol I guess, but now I’m with her.
“Anyway, your room’s all set up. Any questions? By the way, snack bar is fully stocked. You can’t gain weight in heaven!” she smiled. Suddenly I realized that meant I would stick how I was they way now for...forever, I guess. I shrugged. It wasn’t that bad, I mean, at least I didn’t have to worry about growing old, and bad skin. All that stuff.
“So just asking, um, how did I die exactly?” I asked, eyes darting vigilantly.
“Oh boy girly...” She leaned over the counter, elbow resting on it. “Girly, you ain’t wanna get into that stuff. But if you really must know.”
Reyna yanked my ear mere centimeters away from her mouth, and I covered my mouth before I could shriek.
“You might wanna go see the Healer, or old Mr. Potts in the basement. He can tell you.”
I nodded my head, continuing to listen.
“That guy almost went to the other place if he hadn’t started being kind before he died. Alchoholic, you know what I mean?” she paused, hesitating before telling me more. “But girly, you better be careful, cause if he tells you , a piece of your soul gets chipped away every time.”
Souls can chip? I really needed to learn more about this heaven stuff.
“What happens what a soul gets completely chipped?” I asked, keeping on the low profile.
“You get moved to the other place.“ She said, staring at me with cold and dark eyes. “And you ain’t wanna go there.” Wagging her finger, she released my ear, and went back to flashing her pristine white smile.
“There’s some Heaven 101 classes if you want to see, girly. Some makeup ones too, just ask me if you wanna sign up, m’kay?”
I nodded. “I’ll check them out.”
Reyna glanced at me hard, one more time.
“You want someone coming with you to your room, or you good?”
“Actually wait. The door angel person said something about training for wings.” I looked over at Reyna as a smile slowly spread on her face.
“You need to take Heaven 101 to start training first, if you really want to be an angel.”
Slowly, I moved through the people and walked to the elevator; luckily I was in the first building. Which was also closest to the gates. What lied beyond heaven, I didn’t know.
By the time I reached the 20th, and top floor, I yawned. It seemed impossible for a dead person to be tired; but that was just me.
Let’s just say when the secretary meant lucky, there was a whole lot more behind that. My room was the size of a pent-house, white tall white walls and ceilings, and a modern and classy look.
Maybe being dead wasn’t so bad after all.

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