What if you were held back a grade?
Held Back
The Words
The shock was like a lightning bolt. The words escaped his mouth in ease. Two simple words can change anyone’s life. Those words are Held Back. Being held back a grade is something children fear for their whole life. Yet here I am those words being spoken to me by my very own Principal.
“What?!”, I yell the shock to great.
“ You heard me Nathan”, Principal Bailey says, “ you are being held back a grade”
“Why?!”, I ask
“Because of your grades.”, He says.
“What’s wrong with my grades?”, I asked
“Take a look for yourself”, he says. He pulls out a yellow folder, opens it and hands me my report card. I gasp. There is a big red circle around the worst letter ever F
“How?”, I ask staring at my grade in awe.
“Why don’t you ask Mrs. Mickiski.” , he says. “Oh No!”
I gasp. Mrs. Mickiski is my Math and least favorite teacher. The door opens and a small old woman in her early 60’s walks in the room. She has short curly gray hair. She wears glasses with the chains around the sides , which is hanging around her neck. She uses a small brown cane to walk. She limps over to Principal Bailey’s side.
“McKendrick”, Mrs. Mickiski barks.
“Yes.”, I answer. I hate it when teachers call you by your last name.
“ I suppose you don’t know why your grades are bad?”, She asked
“Er- Yes?”, I said.
“Well your grades are bad because you don’t PAY ATTENTION!”, she bellowed.
“ Well how am I supposed to when Jimmy Frickles is tapping his pencil on the desk and .... Oh! when Martha Myers is picking her nose and throwing the boogers on my desk. Also when -“, but I was interrupted
“Well I don’t care what they are doing! You should have payed attention!”, she yelled.
Mrs. Mickiski usually would have thought I was making it up, but there is no denying that Jimmy Frickles and Martha Myers do those things in class. About everyone knows that. Even Mrs. Mickiski.
I feel slightly ashamed of myself, yet I still am feeling many emotions at one time. Mad, sad, anger which all leads up to shock. I don’t think I have even been this shocked before. Even the time when Grandma died which was so sudden. She was at our house perfectly fine doing everything a normal person would. Then when we went in to her room, she was dead. She had died in her sleep and we were all shocked.
I wondered how my mom would react to all this. Dad would be totally understanding and defend me from mom. Oh I hope there is some way out of this.
We all just stood there. An awkward silence arose and we all just stood quietly.
Then Principal Bailey broke the silence, “Nathan you may go now”, he said. I got up and started to walk out of the office.
“What?!”, shrieked Mrs. Mickiski, “ He can not leave I need to talk some more sense into that boy!”
“Please Mary calm down”, asked Principal Bailey.
Mrs. Mickiski started going ballistic. She was screaming and yelling madly, but it was all muffled by the office door. The worst thing about being held back a grade is that I am stuck with Mrs. Mickiski for another year.
I walked down the hallway too my locker. Eyes turned in my direction. Everyone knew that I had been called to Principal Bailey’s office, but they didn’t know what happened. I heard people whispering. Probably trying to figure out what had happened.
I ran into Mike Martinez , my best friend. Our lockers are right next to each other.
“Dude what was that all about?”, he asked
“You don’t wanna know “, I said
“Come on. Please?”, he made dramatic puppy eyes. He knew I couldn’t resist it.
“ Alright”, I groaned.
“So what was it? Did you trip someone?”, he asked
“Did you pull a prank on a teacher?”
“I know! You put a thumbtack and a woopie cushion on Mrs. Mickiski’s chair?”
“Nope”, I said putting my notebooks in my backpack.
“Alright”, he says. He leans up against his locker, “ I give up. What did you do?”
“Nothing”, I reply closing my locker.
“So what happened”, he asks picking up his backpack.
“Nothing big”, I say. I pick up my backpack and sling it over one shoulder,
“I’m only being held back a grade”
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