By: nora
Hello Good bye
Fluffy (my dog) scratched the door. I let her outside; the biggest mistake of my life.
You see, when I let her out she saw a squirrel and chased it right into the road. I bet you can guess what happened next. I saw a car going in a straight line right for her. I felt my blood stop in my veins. I know what happens next. I hear her pitiful cry cut of when the car strikes.
I wake from the dream. It is the end of the year and my new years resolution is to love my cat as much as I loved Fluffy when she was here.
I’ve been haunted by dreams forcing me to relive the moment over and over again. I go back to sleep and hope for a new dream.
I open my eyes to see myself standing by the door in the front of the house. I know that I am dreaming of Fluffy again but it feels too real to be a dream. Then I realize this is too real to be a dream!
I get it now, I can redo what happened!
When Fluffy walks over to the door I go into her box of stuff from when she was a puppy and grabbed her old leash. I put her on the leash and we went out on a walk. As soon as I step outside I feel something, something in my heart as if Fluffy was thanking me.
I blink my eyes open. What a perfectly cruel dream, just teasing me. Then I hear it, little paws coming into my room. “Fluffy!” I yell. My voice filled with joy. It worked! Fluffy’s back; I did it!

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