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Henry the hedgehog
The Pizza
Henry is bold !!! He hates when he gets in trouble.But he cant stop him self form getting in trouble .Henry was at home one day .He was home alone .He looked in the fridge and what did he see??? He saw a pepperoni and cheese pizza.He was so exited .He was going to eat it.He got the pizza and ate it .Mom came in she saw him .He was in a mess !!! HENRY she said...
HENRY she screamed ,why are u eating that pizza .Henry turned around .He saw mom standing there so he said i was hungry.His mom said i am so angry with you and these excuses .His mom said go have a shower .He went upstairs and had a shower .
The next day he went down stairs and said mom look i have cleaned my room .She went upstairs and saw his room
TADAH he said his mom looked angry but happy at the same time .
The next day they went to the shops
Henry tried the make up!!! His mom was angry she gave him a warning
He tried the ladies clothes!!!
His mom was angry
His mom dragged him home and that was ...THE END!!!

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