The Third Book of the Hero Academy Trilogy
Hero War
Squeezing my eyes shut and taking a deep and calming breath, I waited for Zosia, Hero Academy’s principal, to start naming the names of the students who are becoming superheroes.
“Eric Keith,” Zosia named, and the crowd clapped for him.
Eric was on my team in the second part of the Hero Games, but I had to fight him in the last part of the Games. But, I won!
Eric ran up to the stage and rook a bow with a big grin on his face.
Zosia looked at him, and said, “Do you promise to fulfill your duties as a superhero, and promise to protect anyone and everyone, Wildman?”
That’s the way they give you your superhero name. They ask you if you’re ready to become a superhero, and then say your superhero name. Eric’s name is apparently Wildman.
Eric enthusiastically nodded, and the crowd cheered. Eric took a few steps back for the next person to go up.
“Cassidy Stone,” Zosia called.
I cheered loudly as Cassidy walked up the stage, with her long hood trailing behind.
I wondered what Cassidy’s superhero name would be, but at least I didn’t have to wait long.
“Do you promise to fulfill your duties as a superhero, and promise to protect anyone and everyone, Phoenix Feather?” Zosia asked.
What a great name. Phoenix Feather. It suited Cassidy, that’s for sure.
Cassidy nodded, and the crowd clapped for her.
The next person to go up was a boy I didn’t know. Zosia named him Thunder.
I watched the boy walk next to Cassidy and Eric, and next to a man sitting in a chair, and Thunder looked nervous next to the man. The man seemed uncomfortable, himself, but kept watching Zosia.
“Kara Lee.”
With a big smile on her face, Kara walked up onto the stage. Kara looked back at me, and I gave her a double thumbs-up. Kara smiled and turned back to Zosia.
“Do you promise to fulfill your duties as a superhero, and promise to protect anyone and everyone, Bionic?”
The name Bionic fit Kara well. Bionic means having artificial body parts, and Kara has three fake limbs! But, she used them so she could have super powers instead of having them as a weakness.
“Yes,” Kara told Zosia, and everyone clapped for Kara. Excuse me, Bionic.
Zosia turned back to the audience and approached the podium with the microphone on it.
“Now, the moment you’ve all been waiting for, I will announce the name of the student who will be joining the Ultra-Men.
I was excited to see who was going to be joining the Ultra-Men. Even if I don’t, I’ll still be really happy for the winner. Whoever it is normally has been at the Academy for a few years, and has really proved him or herself worthy of being an Ultra-Man or Ultra-Woman.
“This student may not have been here long,” Zosia began. “But this student has shown us that she is worthy of being in the Ultra-Men. Courage, kindness, and cleverness are only a few of her great skills when it comes to being a hero.
“Charlotte Jackson, please come to the stage.”
Wait a minute. Did she say what I think she said? Did she call me up to become the next Ultra-Woman?
I slowly stood up and shyly walked to the stage, expecting someone to come up behind me and say that they were really the one being called.
But no one ever came up behind me. I kept going, up the aisle, up the stairs to the stage, and next to Zosia.
But, Zosia took a step back, and the man sitting next to Thunder stood up.
He came over to me, and smiled as if he saw something good in me. I noticed his badge on his jacket, and it had the Ultra-Men’s logo on it. Below it was the name Chase Cole, and to the right of that, I read Ultrastorm. Ultrastorm. He’s the leader of the Ultra-Men, hence the beginning of his name, Ultra. He leads with two other people. Ultrastar and Ultradragon. Now, I was standing inches away from one of the most powerful men in the world.
“Charlotte Avery Jackson,” Chase started. “Do you promise to protect this world from all dangers, every threat, and fight for the world’s protection, no matter the cost is?”
“Yes,” I assuredly stated, causing the crowd to cheer.
Chase waited for the crowd to calm down, and then went on. “Well then, Frostfire, are you ready to join the Ultra-Men?”
Frostfire. That was going to be my superhero name. It was unique, and said exactly what my powers were. (To an extent.)
I looked over at Cassidy and Kara, who were probably more excited about me becoming an Ultra-Woman rather than them being named Phoenix Feather and Bionic. They gave me a look that said, “Tell him yes!”
I turned back to Chase and answered, “I’m ready.”
Author’s note:
Confused? You might not have read the first two books: Hero Academy and Hero Games.
Thanks for sticking with me till the third book! I’m really excited for this one!
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