Elaine Pepperwart stared at the fire. She watched as it laughed and as it danced around. Sometimes it took leaps here and there, other times it seemed to have a certain pulse to it. At the moment, the fire was the most interesting thing to look at. More interesting than the thick book that sat on the bed before her. It must be nearly midnight, she thought to herself. Which means I have only six hours to memorize this! Homework wasn’t difficult at Mistress Rebecka’s School for Girls, it was long. As Mistress Rebecka always said, “Repetition is the mother of memorization!”
Still, Elaine couldn’t quite wrap her head around why they had to memorize long, long pieces of epic poems. True, sometimes it was interesting and exciting but most of the time it was slow, boring, and repetitive. Every night Elain was sorely tempted to toss the book into the fire, and watch as with satisifaction it crackled away into char and ash.
Yawning, Elaine collapsed back onto her hard bed. Is sleep worth a bad grade? she wondered, sorely exhausted. Life was just too monotony, too boring. And the worse thing about it was that there was nothing Elaine could do about it. She was stuck at this dreary boarding school. End of story. Or so she thought ...

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Chapter 2

What Was at the Window

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