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A New Victim
“I got a new boyfriend!” my friend, Amy, says, jumping up, phone in hand.
“What?” I look up at her.
“That guy, at the basketball game last week... I gave him my number. He texted me-we’re dating!!” She grinned, her bold green eyes shining, her red curls still bouncing.
“What about Jesse?” I asked, referring to her current boyfriend.
“I just told him I found someone else,” to this, I shook my head, rolling my gray eyes.
“Do you even know the poor kid’s name?” I said, only half joking.
“Alex. Alex Murphy.” I add to the mental count in my head.
Two? Wait. Four? It was hard to keep up with Amy’s boyfriends. We were only in eighth grade, but the number kept increasing. Unlike Amy, I made a vow to myself not to date until high school.
Little did I know that I would break this rule in less than six months...
“I’m making a group chat for you to meet him!” Amy exclaimed.
Unknown: Amy who r the others?
Sara: Hey, this is Sara. R u Alex?
Unknown: Yeah
I changed the contact.
Amy: Okay. So now that we all know each other, could you guys go on separate chats?
Amy was asking a lot. Usually, I never wanted to get caught up in her relationships.
Alex: Hey Hanna
Apparently, Alex didn’t know that.
Me: Hey
After a couple of awkward conversations, I got to know this Alex. He played a bunch of sports, was in a band, loved music. He was in Amy’s general category of “interesting,” and I have to admit, I was confused.
For it was clear, by the end of the week, that Amy had finally picked a “decent” guy.
Two months later
Alex was a nice guy, this was true and simple. Two months into a “relationship” (come on, how “real” can middle school relationships be?) with Amy, he had created friendships with her friends, and from what I know (Amy had been my friend for some time now), that was a good idea.
Anyway, his friend was mainly me. Sara didn’t talk to him as much as I did.
Three days later
Today Alex and Amy broke up. They sorta came to a mutual agreement that everything had fizzled out.
It was a clean break, from what I had heard, which was a good thing. Amy wasn’t sobbing over him, which was unusual compared to other breakups.
A month later
Alex had texted me way less now than he did before. He claimed it was because of baseball... or was it golf?
But I was sure I didn’t believe him.
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