An ode to the kitchen: APril chalLenGE
Hits the Spot
Hits the Spot
Counters topped with treasures,
Cupboards filled with treats,
The kitchen is my favorite place
where everybody eats.
When life is dark and dreary,
and I really want to scream,
My kitchen’s always there for me
with a gallon of ice cream.
My kitchen’s always filled with
all the things that I like best,
Like treats, and food and candy and...
I think you know the rest.
The kitchen always treats me
like a special VIP,
Which is pretty handy dandy
if your a hungry one like me.
The kind old kitchen sink
can take my fingerprints away,
In case I eat the last cookie crumb
my mom had saved all day.
The stove cooks up a storm for me,
to fill my stomach full,
Seasoned to perfection,
but to my tummy, takes it’s toll.
And aren’t we very greatful
that the dogs don’t have to lick
Our plates because our dishwasher
can do it really quick!
Oh how I love my kitchen,
where all the food comes from,
I think I love that room so much,
That room is like my chum!
So thanks to my dear kitchen,
Who I really love a lot.
Even if I tried, I think,
Forget you? I will not!
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