Holiday challenge- December (2016) - January (2017)
for the
Snow Stings
The snow felt bitterly cold on my back. It was seeping through my shabby coat and biting at my bare neck, but I didn’t care. I just stayed there, an imprint in the snow- a shadow in the world.
Snow. It was white and cold, and when it fell it threw down a spotless blanket over everything, covering up all the bad things except for my problems. I could feel it numbing my body.
I stayed there for a very long time. Moving was pointless. Even the warm cabin behind me couldn’t offer any escape. I stayed and closed my eyes. There was nothing to it- I just felt the snow steadily begin to engulf me, falling from the sky like empty promises. Even when it began to get so cold that the numbness turned to fiery stinging, I didn’t move.
It had been so long since I had remembered all of it. So along ago seemed the times when I rolled down the side of this small slope, flying away from my worries with my sister at my side. The sharpness of lying in the snow pinched me- reminding me, reminding me.
Sister. Why had we never seen it coming? Why wasn’t she here now- why wasn’t she here to scoop the snow off of my frozen face, laughing? The accident wasn’t something we could control, something we didn’t ever think could happen.
Something that stung so much more than the snow did.
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