Homesick Nuisance
The Pet Pals
Wunzie the reindeer, and the captain’s first mate, was leaning against the railing of the Fur-55, The Pet Pals’ Red Ship, which they used to sail around the world.
Leona the green and blue spotted jaguar was sailing and steering the ship towards Paw Town. She was the captain. Her heart was brave and strong and her friends and her were free.
They wouldn’t let anyone tame them. Once, some humans tried to put them in the zoo, but failed miserably because you can’t really beat a jaguar, polar bear, cow, reindeer, and owl.
Butter the calf was snoring, snuggled up in some blankets. No one could wake her up right now...
Pan-Pan, the young panda, was munching on some leaves, though they tasted nothing like bamboo, which he missed dearly.
Chilly the polar bear cub was fanning himself with a paper fan but still sweating.
And finally, Snow, the white owl, was look out. She was keeping a sharp eye ahead from the crow’s nest.
“Ahh...that should be good for now...we’ll just keep cruising, time for a break!” Leona said to herself. Then she looked around; nobody was doing anything. “I mean... a break from nothing!” Then she whistled and all the crew members were lined up, shoulder to shoulder, on the deck.
“Hey, Pet Pals! guys look bored...” Leona said.
“I’m seasick!” complained Wunzie.
“I want bamboo!!!” exclaimed Pan-Pan.
“I’m bored...” groaned Snow.
“I’m sleepy...” muttered Butter, with her eyes still shut.
“I’m hot!” yelled Chilly.Then all eyes were on Chilly, who was now as red as a tomato. There was giggling too. “Uh...ah...I mean... it’s hot ...not me...” corrected Chilly very flustered.
Leona cleared her throat. “Okay crew. I know it’s getting annoying, this trip I mean-”
“Naw, it was fun!” interrupted Wunzie. “But now...since we have nothing to do...”
Everyone nodded there heads.
“Yeah, okay. But guess what?! We’re almost home!” exclaimed Leona.
“Hooray!” cheered everyone, except Snow who cringed at their childish cheering.
“Now, what do you guys miss about it?” asked Leona comfortingly. “Let’s all take a turn to say what we have to say...Wunzie?”
“Um... the ground... I feel like throwing up. I’m kinda seasick...”
Leona giggled just a bit. “Butter?”
Butter yawned, she was stirring, half asleep. “ miss Moo-Moo, milk, cheese, yogurt, grass, ice cream, and...” she yawn again “...sleep!” Then she closed her eyes and dozed off and muttered, “Love you, Moo-Moo...”
Moo-Moo was Butter’s favorite person...which changed every once in awhile.
“Me. Miss. BAMBOOOOOOO!!!” yelled Pan-Pan, whose stomach was rumbling like a jet engine.
“Geez, come down there, Panda...” said Snow.
“NO! ME WANT BAMBOOOOO!” shouted Pan-Pan, who was now giving Snow a dirty look.
“Okay, okay! Chilly?” asked Leona.
“One word: snow...” That was all Chilly said. He was panting and covered in beads of sweat.
“Me?” asked Snow (the Owl), with a surprised look on her face.
“No, no, no, no! I would never fall for an owl...bleh! I meant my precious, darling... snow! The beautiful, cold, kind that falls from the sky in winter!” explained Chilly dreamily.
But Snow (the Owl) is pretty cold too...thought Leona. But she didn’t roast Snow or else...
Snow gasped. “HOW DARE YOU, call me ugly!” Then snow fluttered off the ground, picked up Chilly, and dropped her into the river with a splash.
Leona instantly ran to the edge of the boat and screamed, “CHILLLLLY?!!!” Her eyes reflected fear. What if her friend drowned?
Then...Chilly’s head broke through the water and touched the surface...
“I’m okay!” he shouted. “Also, I”M COMING FOR YOU OWL!”
Snow just shrugged like throwing Chilly off the boat was nothing and his threat was empty.
“Wow...” said Leona sarcastically. Then her eyes went back to Chilly. “We’ll get ya later, Chil-Chil!”
“Now...where were we? Oh yeah, Snow! What do you miss?”
Snow sneered, “Your mom...”
“I’ll throw you overboard,” warned Leona, with her eyes narrowed, even though it was only a joke.
“Fine, fine... I just miss some people my age...Butter, Wunzie, Pan-Pan, and Chilly are such babies...”
Just instantly, in seconds, almost as quick as the Flash...
Butter was wide awake. And giving Snow the death look.
The Death Look.
“What. Did. You. Say?” asked Butter menacingly, though she was only four. All of a sudden, her small, little, stubby, horns looked huge, her sparkling blue eyes were dark, and her adorableness was gone. Steam came out of her ears and her eyebrows furrowed.
Snow was quiet now, just staring at Butter.
“I”M NOT A BABY!!!” screeched Butter.
The whole crew was shook.
“Guys, you know what I miss?” asked Leona to nobody in particular.
Everyone’s heads turned Leona’s way so they could listen to her.
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