Kara just wants another life. Will she get what she wants in the end?
Hoops For Life
Hooping out.
‘Clunk’ ‘Clunk’ ‘Clunk’ ‘RING!’ Kara sighed.
“Another miss? Come on!” Kara was shooting hoops, technically, for another life. She wanted to practice Hoops For Heart that would be going on at her school for 2 days, and the big “competition” was taking place in just her luck: 1 day! Kara hadn’t known, until her forgetful principal, forgot to put out notices and didn’t note them until Friday that the competition was on Monday, and right now... it was well..... Sunday. Kara knew though, if she beat the world record for shooting hoops constantly, she would become famous. Even more than that maybe. So, as well as this was an event taking place to save OTHERS lives, Kara was trying to save HER life. Maybe if she did this her Dad would see how wrong it was divorcing her Mother, and he would pay more attention to her.
Pay attention. Come back. She knew that was never going to happen. Justice, Kara’s Mom, had already remarried Martin. Martin. Oh how she wished Martin wasn’t just a replacement. She sometimes wished Martin was her ACTUAL Dad, who had never left her. Kara then realized she had to do this. She had to break the world record. It meant her life. Hoops could change her life.
“I will win that basketball competition!” Said Kara aloud. She shot another one, and it missed, yet again. “What am I doing wrong?” Kara thought.
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