LifeofHonesty Presents:
How to Get a Boyfriend
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How to Get a Boyfriend

Ava is an average girl. Her BFF is the most beautiful girl in school. Step into the dramatic world of Ava as she navigates her life, finding true friends and finding the real wolf in sheep's clothing.

Chapter 1: MY Name is Not Genevieve, It’s Ava! (For the Umpteenth Time...)
Chapter 2: The Start of a Downfall (Genevieve’s POV)
Chapter 3: Being Self Conscious Can Turn Out to Be Your Enemy (In Which I Have Problems)
Chapter 4: And This Is How the Train Falls Off the Train Tracks
Chapter 5: Can You Remind Me How Many Times I Called Joey a Sucker?
Chapter 6: Flashbacks and Joey’s Pledge of Hate
Chapter 7: Manners Maketh the Man
Chapter 8: The Saddest Thing About Betrayal Is That It Never Comes From Your Enemies
Chapter 9: And This Is Where I Judo-Flip Adrian! Just Kidding... Maybe I Will?
Chapter 10: Why Is It That I Feel So Comfortable Talking To a Stranger Who I Bumped Into?
Chapter 11: Miss Little Cinderella With An Angry Mom
Chapter 12: Firstly, Let Me Explain Myself Without Any Interruptions
Chapter 13: A Stare Down For a Bracelet... Yes, a Freaking Bracelet
Chapter 14: Unexpected Truths and Lies with Joey! Aren’t You Excited?
Chapter 15: Joey DEFINITELY Wouldn’t Want to Kiss Me On the Cheek... Right?
Chapter 16: The Red Faced Jacob Briefly Saves Friendship! It’s a Miracle!
Chapter 17: Nightmarish Vibes and a Early Bird Visitor Through... the Window?!
Chapter 18: Does Snuggling With Another Boy Make Me a Cheater?
Chapter 19: Remember Me? I’m the Incredibly Gorgeous Ex Who Still Flirts With Everyone
Chapter 20: Greetings, Ava! My Name Is Jeane, and I’m Totally Not Mean As a Rabid Wolf!
Chapter 21: How to Feel Heartbreak
Chapter 22: Hm... Genevieve, Are You a Criminal?
Chapter 23: Genevieve’s POV: What Does a Criminal Think In a Day?
Chapter 24: 10,000 Views Special Part 1: How to Stalk Somebody Successfully
Chapter 25: 10,000 Views Special Part 2: How to Anger Somebody(Hopefully You Never Do...
Chapter 26: Today Was a Bit Situationally Ironic, But In a Sad Way, It Wasn’t
Chapter 27: Lesson of the Day: Don’t Give Advice If You Don’t Listen to Your Own Advice...
Chapter 28: If This Isn’t a Love Triangle, Then Is This a Love... Square?
Chapter 29: Departure: Possibilities are Endless From Now...

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