LifeofHonesty Presents:
How to Get a Boyfriend
MY Name is Not Genevieve, It’s Ava! (For the Umpteenth Time...)
Hi, my name is Ava. I attend Outwood Private School. I have a very close BFF. Her name is Genevieve, and we are almost the same. May I emphasize almost.
You see, she is the gorgeous one. She has light brown hair, carefree light brown eyes, slightly tan skin, very visible, long eyelashes, and the most perfect body.
Me, on the other hand, am not so much blessed with beauty, you should notice. I have dull grayish bluish eyes that seem peculiar when you compare them to other different colored eyes.
I have straight chocolate hair that never seems to not be frizzy. Sigh. But, I have a slight frame, and a slender, slightly athletic shape. Genevieve says I could be pretty if I tried, and started putting makeup on.
So, right now, I am writing off in this dumb diary so that this dumb diary can keep my secrets(even though I have Genevieve) I hope. Genevieve is over at my house, and glossing her lips in the mirror, while I am watching her.
“You know, Ava, you’re really pretty, right?” Genevieve pauses to say. I say,” Never as pretty as you.” “You have the potential to be prettier than me.” She replies, and I just have smile at her cute antics.
“I love you, G.” I giggle, and Genevieve starts laughing. “I love you too, A, but I sometimes really don’t get your humor!” A phone rings, and it is Genevieve’s phone. Her boyfriend. Adrian. Adrian Svartoski. He’s cute.
Genevieve has spotted me reaching for her phone, and smiles. “Go ahead, I want to see if you can fool Adrian into thinking your voice is mine.” She says humorously. I nod, and answer the phone. “Hey, what’s up, Adrian?” I try to say in a happy and bright voice that Genevieve has.
“Genevieve, it’s over. I saw the pic of you and Joey making out. I can’t stand it anymore.” “Wait! Adrian-“ I am cut off by Adrian, who is obviously upset. Genevieve is alarmed, and I say shakily,” I fooled him, but he said he saw you making out with Joey, and that he can’t stand it, so it’s over now.”
Genevieve stops puckering her lips in the mirror, and freezes. “WHAT?!” She screams. I repeat,” He saw the picture of you and Joey making out, and he broke up with you.”
Genevieve falls to her knees, and starts sobbing. I have to bite my lip from crying too, because Genevieve has never cried in front of me. “Oh, Genevieve, come here.” I whisper, and she comes into my open arms.
I hug her, rub her back, and comfort her in any way I can. “Can you not tell anyone-“ “Genevieve, I’m your best friend! Of course I won’t tell this night about you crying.” Genevieve smiles through her blotchy red cheeks, running mascara, and puffy eyes.
“I’ll make you some honey tea, and do a facial massage so your eyes won’t be puffy at school.” I say, and rise. “Can I have a cucumber and pore rinse?” She asks me, and I nod.
I start to heat the water to make honey tea, and grab my sugar pore rinse and slice the cucumber up. As the water starts to boil, I think of Adrian. I used to have a crush on him, but I don’t anymore. He has brown hair, and green eyes.
He’s the heartthrob for the girls, and Genevieve is the heartthrob for boys. It’s a match made in heaven; No- My thought returns to the boiling water, and I get a cup out. I pour the hot water in, and mix 1 and a half teaspoon of honey in.
I look for anything else I can do for Genevieve, and open the cupboard, where all the sweets are stored. There is peanut brittle cookies, but she doesn’t like peanut brittle...
And I find the cookies that I know that she will like. I place all of this on a plastic tray, and head upstairs. I go into my room, and Genevieve starts to say,” Why did you take so-“ She looks at my tray, and sees her favorite cookies.
Sugar cookies with a “sauce” of whip cream. She used to love it, and still loves it. “Oh my gosh, thank you!” She hugs me, and I grunt,” Thank yous accepted, don’t want to spill hot tea on you.”
She nods, and I sit down. “Genevieve, while you eat, I want you to tell me what triggered Adrian to break up with you.” She nods sorrowfully, and I can’t help but think she looks like a innocent puppy.
She starts eating the cookies, and says,” This was on the day you were absent from school cause you were sick. I was in my Physics class, when I had a note from Joey land on my desk.
I read it, and it said,” Dump Adrian, and meet me during lunch by the bleachers. Signed, Joey.” So, of course I didn’t go, but the next day, Joey kissed me, though I didn’t want to be kissed. And an outsider took a photo at the perfect timing of my eyes closing.”
I nod in understanding, and ask her gently,” Do you still want to date Adrian?” She nods gingerly, and I say carefully,” There must be a way to convince him of your story, the real story.”
She raises an eyebrow, and I hug her. “You’re not going to leave me by myself, are you, Ava?” She whispers in my shoulder, and I nod.
In some ways, actually, in most ways, Genevieve is the stronger one. But, now, roles have switched. And this time, I am the one the friendship is leaning on.
“You’re Genevieve, right?” I hear a girl whisper to me as Genevieve and I walk through the hallway, and I roll my eyes.
“MY NAME IS AVA, AND DON’T YOU DARE FORGET IT!” I want to yell, but say,” My name is Ava, and I am Genevieve’s BFF. She won’t answer any questions about her boyfriend.”
The girl glares at me, but looks at Genevieve. The girl seems to be comparing herself to Genevieve. “What is so different about me than you? What do you have that I don’t? What does Adrian see in you?” The girl whispers softly, her chin jutting to Genevieve.
“I will tell you what Adrian sees in me. I am different than you in every way.” Genevieve hisses to the girl, and I notice this has become a comparison contest.
“Genevieve looks like a queen, but when you are next to her, she looks like Miss Universe,” I snarl, and the girl’s eyes narrow when she hears my remark.
Genevieve and I sashay away, and Genevieve grumbles under her breath,” Another fan of Adrian’s, huh?” I shrug, and we head to first period.

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Chapter 2

The Start of a Downfall (Genevieve’s POV)

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