Book 1
Told off
“OW!” I yell as my brother DogPaw bites my tail, hard.
“Loser!’ yells DogPaw laughing and running to his and my other brother Scar’s den,
“Mum!” I call
“DogPaw just bit my tail!”. I run into Mum and Dad’s den but they are not there.
“They went out hunting Howl” says another pup from our Pack, her name is Paw-Print.
“Ok” I say gloomily walking off, I walk over to another den
“Hunter! Come and play with me! Paw-Print come too!”.
“Ok!” they yell together, Hunter and Paw-Print are my best buds.
“What’s up Sis?” asks Paw-Print as she ruffles her silky white and brown pelt.
“Do you wanna play-fight?” I ask them.
“Yes! Can I be the judge?” says Hunter.
“Ok” I say.
“Three, Two, One, Fight!!” yells Hunter, I lunge onto Paw-Print’s chest but before I land on it, she flips away and bites my black tail. It really hurts but I am a big Wolf Pup, so all the pain I show is a single tear in my right eye.
“Stop!” yells Hunter,
“Howl gets next move” We both nod. I get into position to run real fast and bite Paw-Print’s ear,
“Go!” I run around Paw-Print about thirteen times until she gets really dizzy and I jump at her and bite her ear so hard it starts to bleed, lots.
“Howl! When in the Wolf Guardians do you think you are allowed to bite!?” asks a medic Wolf called Crystal,
“Umm... err... I“
“Never!!!” yells Crystal.
“Come to my den in an hour” says Crystal
I stumble over my own paws trying to get into Crystal’s den without whimpering, I finally get my paws into her den.
“Howl is that you? Come and sit down on this fluffy leaf bed and I will bring you some Salmon”. I walk over to a fluffy leaf bed and get myself into a comfortable spot....
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