She will never give up, she will never retreat, she will never fear
Howling at the Moon: 1
Squirming, I looked into Mother’s eyes. Her warm milky scent filled the air, I breathed heavily and and happily on my brother Grin’s thick silvery fur.
“Mother, tell me a story.” I yipped sleepily. I could feel her tongue washing my fur.
“Once upon a time, there was a white wolf cub. White as the snow, how unusual. His littermates avoided him, they feared him. But he wasn’t savage as they thought, he was just different. Nor was he cold blooded as they rumored, he was just different.” My mother always tell us this story, and it was my favorite.
“When he grew up, he became stronger. His fur was thicker and even paler. He seeked adventure, unlike his grayish littermates, he doesn’t belong in the forests and the warm dense air. So he leaved his home. He went out into the wild to search for where he truely belonged.” Another lick from Mother.
“Finally, there he stepped onto grounds as white as his fur, and he knew this is where he belonged, at the Whitelands. Soon he found a mate, she also had silver fur, together they howled into the air, under the shimmering outline of the glowing moon.” Her tone grew serious, my mind grew blurry.
“He is our ancestor, and the reason why we never step outside the ice, for that we would never be truely accepted by the Greenlands, nor the Highlands.” The story always went this way. My breathing slowed as I fell into a sleep.
“You’ll never defeat me!” I growled playfully at Grin. Wrestling, I soon forgot that meal time is close.
“Ha, got you!” Grin snapped at my tail, making me flip over and get off him. I wasn’t going to give up. I leaped onto him on all fours, and we rolled down the hill clumsily. I spitted out some snow and went back to attack mode. But this time Grin was quick. He got hold of my shoulder fur and tried to shake me.
“Hey, no fair!” I squirmed, but he had a strong grip. I tried to nip his belly but my nose got caught in a tangle of fur.
“Eww!” I wriggled free with a strong shake and took a step back.
“Mother!” I yapped, “Grin’s got his pelt all tangly again!” mother growled softly and trotted over to Grin. Grooming his fur, she scolded him quietly.
“Grin! How many times had I told you not to get dirty?” Grin mumbled something I couldn’t hear. All of a sudden I felt the world slow down around me. Grin’s movements were in slow motion. The fall of a snowflake seemed to stretch on forever. I shook my head. What’s wrong with me? I growled softly and shook my head.
I heard a loud bark and the world finally came back. A warm scent is on the air.
I ran to the Smoothrocks, where a small crowd had already formed. I sat down on a dry spot and waited for Alpha to give the Order.
Alpha sat down on a flat rock and raised a fluffy paw. Alpha was a strong male wolf born with fluffy paws. I mean, it won’t do him any harm but would proberly be hilarious to enemies. His yellow eyes scanned the pack.
“You should hear the news.” he growled. I shivered. His tone was dead serious, while normally he would be cool but friendly.
“I want only named wolves to be in the next meeting, which will take place at moonglow tonight.” he licked his paw, “by rank, we shall eat now.”
He gragged a plump couple of snowshoe hares away into his den. I narrowed my eyes to see better. Three hares, a small buffalo. Good, there should be a good mouthful for us pups. Even if there isn’t, we could still have mother’s milk again. But I really wished to have a solid meal on the assigned date. Beta Rock had another couple of hares. Yowl. Leap. Chill. Mother Stream. Log. Silver. Rise. Wild. Pedal. Finally! It’s the pups’ turn now. Screech who’s one moon older than me had a few bites of the rear end of the buffalo. Yip, one moon ahead of me. Grin. Two flakefalls ahead of me.
I sniffed at the pelt of the buffalo. I ate the leg of a hare and took about five bites out of the buffalo. I backed to my spot.
It would be Omega Grad’s turn now. I thought with guilt. There will be only a few bites for him now. But he had agreed to be omega. It was his choice to be omega although he had won Pedal, his mate, in the rank battle.
I wished I would grow to be strong and powerful, just like Arctic, the first arctic wolf.
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