The first nightmare came when I had just turned 10. It was about my mom dying. But it wasn’t just a nightmare. It happened.
Yes! Today is the day I finally turned double digits! “Shaliene! Don’t be late for school!” yelled mom.
“Coming!” Quickly, I threw on my favorite play dress and rushed down the stairs. As soon as my feet hit the last stair, the scent of chocalate chip pancakes floated into my nose. “Oh, Thank you thank you thank you!” I gave my mom big hug. Chocalate chip pancakes were my favorite.
“Happy birthday!” said mom who returned my hug. Today was going to be the best day ever!
When I got home from school, mom said she’d take me out to go shopping.
Then, I got to open all my gifts. And finally, my family and I ate a delicious chocalate cake.
That night I fell asleep so fast becuase I was so full of cake. I thought that I would have a spectacular dream because everything had gone my way that day. But no. It was the worst nightmare anyone could possibly have because it came true the next morning.

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Chapter 2

Shaliene: The Nightmare

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