a SECRET i can’t keep!
(Prologue) My History
My name is Sarah . This a story about my dangerous and frustrating life. It began when I was found by orphanage. I was left on the doorstep in a cardboard box with a diary and a note. The maids, who found me, look for a name tag, but couldn’t find it. They read the note and it said:
Dear kind care takers. This the closest thing my daughter will ever have to knowing me for I don’t think I’ll ever be ready to care for her no matter how hard I try or how deeply I love her. This breaks my heart leaving her like this, but this is the only way I can keep her safe by isolating myself and giving her away. I pray to God that we’ll meet again and have a happy future , but I see no signs of that ever coming true.I want her to have a happy life unlike mine. I pray that you don’t read my diary for it’s the only connection I have left to offer. I left all my well kept secrets as well my messed up life in your trust, so please don’t take that advantage for my daughter’s sake. As you can see I’m not a heartless mother throwing away her child for a own desires, but a broken heart mother stuck in a corner that she has to get out alone. Please just follow these simple wishes.
The maids were suspicious that the mother didn’t leave a name for her daughter, but they weren’t willing to against the mother’s wishes. They named me themselves. I was named Sarah after the founder’s wife. They treated me like all the others orphans and at age eleven I found out truth about how I became an orphan.
It was the day after my 11th birthday when they decided to tell me.I counted learning truth about the past as a birthday present.I was so excited as I walked into the room where they were going to tell me the truth. Before they told me they went into this whole story where money or broken relationships can make people do crazy things. In result they make stupid mistakes to make these troubles to make them disappear, but all of times they never disappear and it may end horribly. That talk dimmed my hope for my parents to return and take me home, but I still held on to that hope.
Then got into how I was dropped off and how they had to name me. After that they handed me the diary and told me that my mom said I was only allowed to read it. “So they’re still alive, right?” I asked. She shifted in her seat and mumbled a few words that I couldn’t make out. I knew they didn’t want to break my heart and said,”Your mother there is a strong possibility that she’s alive since she dropped you off and was able to write that. Your dad his chances are slim.” I thought on that for a minute and said,”Is that a yes or maybe?” She sighed and said,” A light maybe.” I stared down at the floor in disappointment and whispered,”Oh.” Then she immediately tried to cheer me up and said,”Hey, look at the bright side! I mean your mom was kind enough to leave her diary which will explains everything! You’re lucky! Many orphans don’t get have background on their parents!” Then she shoved me towards the door and shouted,”You’re one lucky kid!” I asked,”Then why I’m orphan?” She pointed to my mom’s diary and said,”That will explain.”
Then she shut the door as this girl shoved and shouted,” You took long enough, block head! Look I want to learn about my parents as much as you so, next time don’t take five centuries!! Or I’ll pound you into a..!” The maid came out and singed,” Julie, you ready for the moment you’ve being waiting for since you were three?” Julie put on her innocent little child face and said,” Gosh, ALREADY?! Wow, I had such lovely talk with Sarah that time passed me by! Well, we need chat later, ok?” I look over at the maid and she totally bought the act. I mean she was staring at Julie as if she was staring at the cutest puppy that ever existed so, I had to play along. “You bet!” I shouted with fake joy. She cheerfully waved as if she was mocking me and as the door shut I stuck my tongue out at her. I’m just turning 14 and I haven’t been able to get rid of her since.
Next chapter we’ll be reading into the mom’s diary. What such big secrets does that diary contain to actually leave her daughter with no name?! keep reading or wait to find out!
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