I’m 4% Bird, 1% Fish, 95% Human
Hybrid Me
The Operation
What happens during The Operation is a mystery. No-one really knows, at least no-one on the inside, by which I mean the community. Society. People. The only humans who do know are our leaders in the Government. After all, they are the people who perform The Operation.
My name is, well, I can’t tell you that. It is vital that you learn that there are many secrets in my world, and I can only risk so much. What I am endangering by telling you this is unheard of in your world, but really, we must now focus on the task at hand. It is my job to tell you about The Operation. Ok... let’s start with the basics.
This mysterious Operation is a surgery, and is performed on all citizens. It happens on the night of ones’ 11th birthday. Why on that exact date? Well, order is why. Everyone “needs to be equal treated the same” (as if) and there are very few exceptions. For example, no-one gets to choose their jobs; they are assigned on ones’ 15th birthday. There are some exceptions though, one being, for instance, that The Operation does not work on everyone. These exceptional people are called Hybrids, who are thought to think differently, almost like an animal. Maybe a mixture of animal and human. They disappear after their operation, no-one knows where they are taken. They do exist, but are extremely few, of course.
Now, I definitely shouldn’t tell anyone about this, but if you are reading this you need to know. About The Operation, how it works, it is done to each and every one of our people to prevent chaos (at least, that is how the Government thinks of it). In other words, they remove the human part of us that has the tendency to struggle, to disobey. That way - and I mean literally - we can become mindless robots for them (the Government) to control. People want control, they are greedy. Some people will even go to such extreme lengths to get it.
We’ve talked about that no-one knows what happens during The Operation, and since it has been performed on people, you are probably wondering why the ones who have been through it don’t let their younger friends know about what happens. The answer is simply, because they don’t know. They don’t know and they don’t question it or the system. Recognise that people change after The Operation. What the Government do to them is cruel. People aren’t able to think for themselves anymore. That is ultimately the reason The Operation is performed, because again: CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL. It is rather sad that this is what the world has become...
Anyways, recapping, The Operation removes a relatively big part of what defines us as humans. Now only one question remains:
How can The Operation work, if you aren’t human?
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