three heads are better than one
Hi. Have you ever been fighting for your life against an evil multi-headed beast, that seemed absolutely impossible to defeat? Well, I was there once. A long, long time ago. I’ll tell you more about my fight for the world later, but for you to understand how I became the hero that I am today, I’ll have to go to the beginning of the story. The very beginning, on a cold, wintry night, a long time ago,
There was a terrible snowstorm in our village. “A snowstorm worst than anyone in Ganmu village has ever seen”, at least that’s what the elders used to say. I don’t remember much of the storm, but the night of the horrid snowstorm is still imprinted in my mind.
Because of how loud the wind sounded banging against our brick and mortar house was, my mother, let me stay up that night since I wasn’t getting much sleep that night anyway. Me and Mom were sitting in the living area of our house playing a game of Jihui (a game of chance) when we heard a knock on the door. My mother gazed at the door with a puzzled expression on her face
“That’s strange... no one should be here in this storm...” My mother said as she opened the door. At the other side of the door was a tall, and very thin man, in clothes definitely not native to Ganmu village. The man carried a strange box in his hand. My Mom stood there, but rather than being petrified like I was, she had a smile on her beautiful face.
“Shaun! It’s really you!” She said as she gave the stranger a tight hug. I could not have been more confused.
As she stopped hugging him, Mom said, “Zandoji, meet your uncle, Shaun.”
Uncle Shaun got down on his knees and looked me straight in the eyes with his deep, navy blue eyes
“Hey, Zandoji, nice to meet you.” He said in a voice so deep, I thought I heard a dragon speak English.
“Nice t-to m-meet you t-too sir-r,” I said with a hint of fear in my voice. Uncle Shaun must’ve sensed my fear because he got up and started to talk to Mom.
“You have a lovely child. Most kids these days don’t have any manners, do you and Choyan have any more children?”
My Mom grinned. “No, but you and Zandoji are the first to hear.” She stopped and looked at me and Zandoji. “I’m pregnant.”
I was extremely excited, and so was Uncle Shaun by the smile on his scarred face.
“This is great news! Does Choyan know?” Uncle Shaun asked. Choyan is my father by the way. Figured you needed to know that.
“No, he’s on a hunting trip with the village leaders. Food is scarce in the winter.” My mother said, “I thought I could surprise him.”
“That’s a wonderful surprise indeed,” Shaun said approvingly. “and speaking of surprises, I’d like to talk to you in private.”
“Zandoji, may you go to your room for a moment?” Mom said looking at me.
“Yes, Mom,” I replied. I went to my room and sat down on my bed. My mind started to swirl with questions. What was the surprise? Who is uncle Shaun? Why did Uncle Shaun need to speak to Mom in private? I’m going to be a big brother! There was only one way to find out,
I crept through the hall and heard a bit of what Mom and Uncle Shaun were talking about.
“Shaun, No. The boy is seven, why would he need a dragon?” Mom said in an agitated voice.
“Because I see something in Zandoji that makes me think he can take care of one.”
“What, you think I’m gonna let Zandoji get himself killed over your hunch?”
“No, he won’t get killed. I have a dragon egg.” Uncle Shaun said as he pulled out a cherry red egg from the mysterious box he had been holding earlier. I was silent with awe. Never once in my life had I seen a real dragon egg. “Dragons don’t harm the first sight they see, and plus, I think this egg is different. I’ve never seen a single egg that looks like this. I’ve had this egg for 10 years and it hasn’t even hatched yet. So it probably won’t even hatch until he’s much older.”
Mom gave him a stern look and said, “No.”
“Please. It will teach him responsibility!”
“Fine... Zandoji. I see you standing in there. Come in here.” Mom said in a stern voice.
I walked into the room with a mischevious smile on my face. “Thank you Uncle Shaun!” I said as I gave him a hug.
“I believe this is yours.” He said as he handed me the dragon egg. I looked at the dragon egg. It was about the size of my arm, and I felt the baby dragon moving inside.
“I’ll always love you, Red. Can’t wait for you to hatch” I said in a soft voice. Suddenly, the egg started to glow and crack.
“It’s hatching! I can’t believe it!” Uncle Shaun said in disbelief.
The egg exploded, and resting in my arms was the most amazing dragon I had ever seen. It was dark red, with four legs and tiny unused wings on its back, and it had some of the pinkest skin I had ever seen. And as a looked into it’s dark yellow, amazing eyes, I knew it would be mine forever.
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