I Am A Weirdo
I Am A Weirdo ( original poem )
Yes, I am strange,
Yes, I am nerdy,
Yes, I am a freak,
But that is me,
And I am proud to be free,
Now if you ever thought you’d escape my words,
Fly away,
Disappear like a bird,
All my life I’ve been surrounded by strong and passionate women,
They’ve inspired me,
Shown me to be a warrioress,
To walk strongly amongst my fellow warrioresses,
And when they’re broken to help carry them,
I admit I’m not a perfect girl,
My hair doesn’t always stay in its place,
I spill things a lot,
I’m pretty clumsy,
Somedays me and my besties will fight,
And other days nothing will go right,
But when I think about it & take a step back,
I remember how marvelous my life truly is,
And although I have my imperfections,
I still love myself to the stars and back again.

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