I Am Tired
I am tired
Of the world crumbling to pieces
Of people hating who they are
Because they are not “perfect”
I am tired
Of society discriminating against
Everybody different
People are scared
But they cannot escape
I am tired
Of all the comments
People receive every day
Not thin enough
Not white enough
Not straight enough
Not “normal” enough
But what is “normal” anyway?
How, when everybody is so different, does “normal” exist?
Who is to judge what “normal” is?
I am tired
Of people dying
When they have their whole life ahead of them
Guns and bombs
Are used to kill
Because people don’t agree on everything
Because they believe
That if they think something is wrong
It is
But it isn’t
I am tired
Of people feeling lost and alone
Because they are different
And made to feel less than others
Due to racism
And homophobia
And sexism
I am tired
Of the people who say that those things aren’t real
The ones who insist that everything is perfect
The ones that don’t realize they are hurting others by saying that
I am tired
Of the world not accepting everyone
For the people they are
And trying to change them
And denying them their basic human rights
I am tired
Of everything
I am tired

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