I Have Lost Her
Bright stars, big moon
A beautiful night in still of June
The white sand still warm from the sun
It was true, summer had begun
Her pale skin, so beautiful in the moon lit night
Heart pounding so hard, it could take flight
My love for her, shone through eager eyes
She showed the same emotion with flirting smiles
Sitting, peacefully on the end of a long peer
Reflection of the sky on the water’s surface is crystal clear
She tries to pull me in, but I sit and watch her
As time passes, there are less people, for sure
Slowly they creep away
Now it’s just me and her in this special place
Her beauty and grace relax me
The way her body moves is dreamy
A large wave comes in from afar
How quickly it all happened is so bizarre
Pulled deep under water
I tried to make it better
I could not find her, to revive her
She had slipped below the water, forever
Pain in my heart and streaming tears
I will never return to those peers
My life will never be the same
I cannot bear to say her name
I stare at the ring on my finger and flashbacks begin
Her dress, her smile, the kiss and feel of her skin
I love her
And now, I have lost her
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