Which month do you live in?
I Live In The Month Of October
Where do you live? Oh, that place? What’s it like? What’s the weather? Oh wow, really? Cool. Where do I live? October, of course.
I’ve never heard of where you live. Is it somewhere far away? How far away? It’s near? No it isn’t. I would’ve heard of it. No, I don’t live in the U.S. Don’t be silly. I already told you, I live in October.
October, the land of leaves and rakes. Halloween, and chill. Brr. Did you feel the breeze? No, you didn’t, you don’t live here. Silly me. I’m so used to only talking with people who only live where I live. Real sorry.
I wish I could live where you live. It would be so cool. The seasons would change, I could wear a tank top. So much fun! sigh. I wish so much I could live where you live? Could you tell me about it? Thank you.
I should probably start the story, though. Oh well, I’d rather listen to you, but I guess I can’t.
A story usually starts with someone saying something clever to show what they’re name is. I’m too lazy to do that, so I’ll tell you my name to save time. My name’s Blake. You can call me a boy, or you can call me a girl. I don’t care. Call me whatever you want.
I have light brown hair, and I’m average height. I’m skinny, and I love agutuk. If you don’t know what that is, it’s an ice cream made from berries and deer fat. It’s delicious, and probably the greatest thing ever.
I live in October, and it’s really boring.
I don’t like it here, but I have to live there, so it’s pointless to escape. I can barely get these letters out, so how am I supposed to get out myself? Unless... I have an idea. And it involves you.
You could get me out! I could mail myself to you, and you could pick me up! Nobody cares about mail in October. What’s your address? Mmmm. Mmm-hmm! Ok! I will mail myself to you.
Say, do you think I’m a boy, or a girl? When I see you, please tell me.
I think I’ll miss October, with all its blandness, and boring. sigh. Oh well, I’ve already started working on the box. Do you think it’ll work, because I have to really hope it does. Fingers crossed, right? You can only hope.
Only hope.
Only hope.
Was that dramatic? I hope it was, because that’s what I was going for. It’s important that this is your correct address, because I’m going to mail myself to you. So please tell me, is this your address? It is? Ok, here I go. Hope to see me in a few weeks! Thank you.

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