I’m sorry. But it’s not my fault.
I Need You Back.
Facial? Yes. Well, as long as I don’t have a creepy guy touching me.
I never thought I would end up throwing a coconut facial at a “Beauty & Locks” employee’s face. But I did. And let me tell you, it was not entertaining.
“Jose!” I squealed as I ran up to my best friend in front of the mall entrance. She was dressed in a casual dark red crop top, faded overall shorts, and black vans. And even though I said casual, she looked like a rock star in that outfit. And then there was me dressed in dark blue rompers, a faded jean jacket, and black cargo boots. I guess I looked good, too.
Jose spread her arms out for a hug, and I squeezed her tightly. “Becky! What’s up?” she asked.
“Eh, not much. I can’t believe we’re actually getting the facials today!” I said and squeezed her arm.
“We are going to look amazing!” Jose screeched. “I heard they added a new facial - coconut! I’m totally trying it!”
“Okay, well, what are we waiting for? Let’s go!” I yelled and we charged into the mall. Nothing could possibly go wrong, right? We’re just getting a facial, I thought.
Boy, was I wrong.
“I remember those soldier boys, tripping over themselves to win our praise. I remember that dreamlike candlelight, like a dream that you can’t quite place. But Alexander, I’ll never forget the first time I saw your face,”
I have never been the same. Intelligent eyes and a hunger-pang frame. That when you said “Hi” I forgot my dang name-“AAAAH!” I screamed and flailed my arms as someone pulled out my earbuds. “What are you doing–Oh, sorry Jose.” I opened my eyes and sat up. “Sh! It’s about time that the lady comes now.” Jose said. I was about to ask who the lady was before a tanned woman in a white blouse and a lavender skater skirt walked into the room. She (I assumed was the facialist) placed some bottles and creams onto the beside table and started to mix and assemble them.
“There you go, now if you girls could please lay back and relax as I apply the coconut facial on you two, that would be great!.” she said in a sweet, soothing voice. Me and Jose layed back and closed our eyes. I tied my auburn hair with blond highlights into a messy bun and relaxed.
The facial kept on going for about 20 minutes when the woman said, “Okay girls, you can go on a 5 minute break, and then we’ll continue. See you in a while!”. I peeled the cucumbers off my face just in time to see Jose doing the same. “I’m going to see how ridiculous I look like in the mirror.” I laughed and stood up. I walked to the nearby bathroom with Jose behind me. Almost as soon as we entered, we burst into fits of laughter. Before we knew it, we were on the floor.
“Ooooooooh my God...” I wheezed out. “I look like a stylish yet revolting zombie!” Jose shrieked, looking in the mirror. I couldn’t help it and started giggling again. About 5 seconds later, we heard a knock on the door and tidied ourselves up. “Fix your hair! You look like your mom tried to give you a haircut but failed badly.” I teased. We cracked up for the third time and without noticing, the door opened. Standing in the doorway was a guy holding a folder that was titled, ‘Appointments’. He looked down and a shocking expression took his face. “Are you ladies using this bathroom?” he asked kindly. I glanced at Jose who was gawking at him with her cheeks so pink that it looked like they had caught fire. I hope I don’t look like that, I thought. “Uh, well, no, but if you’d like us to stop, we could,” Jose flirted. In the corner of my eye I could see her flipping her hair and giggling like a maniac. I bit my lip to restrain laughter and elbowed her to stop.
“Ow!” she whisper-shouted and quickly flashed a smile. “So, are you new here? Why would a guy like you be working at a faical?” Jose batted her eyelashes. I rolled my eyes and took the lead. “Well, anyways, we were having some privacy in this bathroom, and if you opened the door when we were doing some buisness,” the man winced “then it would’ve been embarrassing, don’t you think?” I asked, eyebrow raised. Before he could answer, a voice came from the hallway. “Girls? Jose and Becky! Your break is over!”. Me and Jose exchanged glances.
“Well, we had a nice time talking to you, and if you wanted to call me-
“BYE!” I cut off Jose and dragged her out of the bathroom. Once we entered our facial room and I slammed the door shut, I glared at Jose. “What were you doing, acting all flirty in front of that guy? Remember the oath we made this year? No dating?” I said angrily. I did not like people who broke promises, and I certainly did not like dealing with them.
“Jeez, girl! No need to act all salty! It’s not like we’re gonna end up dating in the future, or anything. I was just teasing him.” she grumbled and sat back on the bed. The facialist walked over to our beds from her desk and started to continue.
Another 15 minutes later, the facialist stopped. “Okay ladies, now all we need to do is let this dry for about 25 minutes and then we can remove the facial. But I’d like to inform you, please stay in this room because we need the fans to stay on you at all times. Am I clear?” she requested sternly. It sounded as if I had no other options, so I responded with a quiet “Okay,” as she left the room. It became kinda boring after a while, so I stuck my earbuds in my ears and relaxed, closing my eyes.
“Set my heart aflame, ev’ry part aflame, this is not a game...” I hummed to the lyrics of my favourite song, ‘Satisfied’.
About a minute later, I vaguely heard the door quietly open. I door accidentally shut loudly and a little male voice popped out of the silence. “Oops,” the voice said. I was too lazy to open my eyes.
Suddenly, I felt a cold hand touching my foot. This scared me so much, that I grabbed the nearest thing next to me (which just happened to be the coconut face cream) and threw it bulls-eye at the figure. Swiftly, it ducked and just as the face cream bottle reached the door, the door opened and the bottle lid popped off.
Jose stood up in her bed just in time to see and angry facialist, splattered in a Beauty & Locks Coconut Facial on her face, skirt, and blouse.
“Can someone please explain?” Jose squeaked from across the room.
“...that’s why! I didn’t mean to hit you, uh,-“
“Yeah! I didn’t mean to hit you, Jennifer. If there’s one person to blame, it’s you!” I pointed right at the man, who I realized, was the same man that we had talked to in the bathroom.
“Wait...so, it’s the cute guy we saw in the bathroom? Are you sure?” Jose asked serenely. “Yes! I honestly don’t know why he came in here? And why the heck were you touching my foot?” I yelled, throwing up hands in agitation.
“You know what, I’m done here,” he muttered and stormed off. Don’t let him get I away! I wanted to yell, but part of me was telling me that I caused enough trouble. But I still wanted to punch him in the face.
“Well, may I please continue the facial? All I need to do is remove the creams and oils and you’ll be done!” Jennifer pleaded. So me and Jose agreed to continue. But I was still looking out for anyone at the door.
3:00 slowly emerged, and me and Jose parted our ways. Once I arrived home, I ate a snack, changed, and jumped onto my bed with my laptop. Scrolling through my Facebook, I found I had received 1 notification. “I wonder what it is,” I mumbled. It was from my school website saying that my class had just gotten a new student. His name was Brett Iverson and he just moved from...Califorina? That was a whole new country! “I hope he feels welcome in Canada!” I commented on the post.
“Becky! We have some new neighbours that I invited over for dinner! Can you please get ready?” my mom called from downstairs. “Sure!” I shouted back and shut my laptop. Exhausted from the day, I slumped over to my walk-in closet. “What should I wear?...” I wondered. I broke my choices down to a couple of outfits:
1. Dark red Off-The-Shoulder party dress with dark red heels.
2. Floral vans, floral print high-low dress, short faded jean jacket.
3. ...? I had no clue of what else to choose. All my clothing are casual stuff. I had more and more dresses to wear, but none of them were welcome-y.
Before I knew it, the doorbell rang. “Becky! Our guests are here! Come down!” my mom’s voice boomed from below.
What was I going to wear?!!
Hey, ya’ll!
Kinda left a cliffhanger there but, hey, it gives the book a good twist!
Hope you guys are liking the book so far because I spent a lotta time on this! And also, I’m kinda stuck on which outfit she should wear, because all the choices I wrote are AMAZING.
I sorta like #1 the best! ;)
But ya, hope you guyz are havin’ a butt-spanking day, cause I sure am! Don’t forget to repost, heart, and comment down below because I love to see your guys’ opinions!
Love from your ever-amazing author,

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