The End
First Person: Prologue
Hello, my name is Liam and I’ve always been alone but I’ve pulled through. My mom and dad’s death. My sister’s death. All of them gone. My grandfather left my family the rest of his fortune. But now that’s just me. I get by in a cheap Mesa apartment with very little groceries. But at least I’m alive. I was asked if I want to be a foster kid but I denied it and now I’m 16 and now I’m ineligible for it. I’ve just built a barrier around me and I’ve never let anyone in it. So that helps a lot with the bullying that I get. Called Mr. Too dumb to Talk and pushed, tripped, swirled, wedgies. But now I can tell they don’t enjoy it. I offer no reaction, my wall is too strong. But they won’t stop. It’s like a daily routine in there schedule. I eat lunch by the trash because were ever I sit, I’m either pushed off or yelled at. But I don’t care, to me it’s just me in my world. I’ve never let anyone inside my barrier, I guard it with all my might. But it’s getting harder and harder as I grow up. I feel that every month a chip breaks off. People have tried to get in, very nice people. But I shunned them off like a jerk. I even made the class president cry, yeah I’m some person aren’t I? But now my world is changing and I can feel it. Like I said, the wall is breaking and soon, it may break . It could change everything I’ve known and I fear I won’t know what to do. Anything can happen in my 3rd year of high school. Live has always changed but never in this drastic matter. I’ve never felt this before and I’m scared for what is to come. I once read in a book that life moves forward, but for my whole life I felt I was stuck, frozen in time. But now, it seems time has started up again for me. I just don’t know.
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