Sometimes, the hardest puzzles have the easiest solutions
I will find you
The school bell rang, announcing the end of the day. My mind raced back to about 45 minutes ago when a sound came over the speaker.
“Katelyn Fairchild, please come down to the office. Katelyn Fairchild.”
Katelyn’s my best friend, but she’s trouble. I thought that maybe, like almost every day, she did something. Her almost-daily trips to the office usually lasted 5 minutes, 10 at most. But this was the whole period. I decided to go wait at our usual meeting spot, in front of the janitor’s closet. From this spot, it was an easy walk to both of our lockers, I could see them from here. We would meet here every day before school starts, after lunch, and if we ever got separated during the last period of school.
After about 10 minutes of waiting, I got restless. I watched her locker the entire time, she never came. Good thing she told me her locker combo. I opened up her locker, and surprise hit me like a blow in the face.
Katelyn and I spent hours decorating our lockers together. But now, everything was gone. All the decorations, her bookbag, her school books, her spare coat, every single thing.
I ran home as fast as I could, millions of questions racing through my mind; Where was Katelyn’s stuff? Where was she now? I was determined to figure them out.
Author’s note: Sorry this chapter was so short. Chapter two will hopefully be coming out soon! Thanks for reading

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