Cold Like Ice
I took a long sip of hot chocolate, the frosty wind nipped at my already pink cheeks.
“So you’re telling me you have never cried while watching a movie,” Eva questioned.
“Yep,” I leaned into the back of the bench, overlooking Central Park with squinted eyes. “Never have, never will.”
“Man, you’re cold, Liv.” Eva smiled into her coffee cup and took a sip.
“Ice cold,” I replied cheekily.
“But what movie made you almost cry though?” Eva pointed a long tan finger at me, her lips were stained a baby pink and stretched into a wide smile.
“Hmm...” I chewed on my lip in thought. “That one with the girl in the guy during World War one and he blows up.”
“Your taste in movies is sounding pretty extreme,” Eva giggled.
“Marley and Me almost made me cry, but then I absorbed them back into my tear ducts.” I stood up and threw away my coffee cup.
“How?” Eva exclaimed, she quickly got up and jogged to catch up to me.
“I dunno,” I mumbled through my scarf. “You know how my family life isn’t the best. I’m not used to affection. No affection plus an absent father and a workaholic mother equals no way to deal with or show emotion. Bada bing bada boom.”
“I forgot how pessimistic you get when it’s cold out.” Eva sighed and we linked arms. “We should get back to my house, I’ll try to hail a cab.”
“Why can’t we take the subway? It’s cheaper.”
“You know I don’t know how to navigate those things,” Eva whined, it reminded me of when we were seven and I had her favorite doll.
“Then it’s a good thing I do!” I briskly walked across the street with a slightly disgruntled Eva in tow.
The subway cart lurched a little, my feet stumbled a little and I gripped onto the pole tighter than before.
“This is why I don’t like the subway, you can fall face first onto this disgusting floor and nearly break your teeth!” Eva scolded me in a hushed voice.
“And I’m the on being pessimistic,” I scoff.
The sound of footsteps dragging on the floor catches both of our attention. A boy, roughly our age, slumps into a blue seat. He has a slender build that pegs him to have a couple inches on everyone else in the subway cart. His hair is a deep chocolate that makes my stomach flutter, and I remember I always had a thing for brunettes. The thing that really makes my breath stutter are his eyes, they’re a whiskey color. The way they shift in different lighting reminds me of a storm.
“Do you see him?” Eva pants.
I peel my eyes away and look over to my friend, who is practically drooling by now. “See what?”
“_Him_,” Eva sighs dreamily.
“Eva, since you do have an A in English so far I’m hoping you do know that him is a pronoun and not a good description if you’re checking someone out on the subway cart.” I lean closer to Eva whose baby blue irises haven’t taken a second to look anywhere else besides the mysterious subway cart hottie.
“I think you know who I’m talking about.” Eva gives my leg a soft kick.
“Go talk to him!” I smile.
“How? I can’t just go up and talk to him! Can you even do that? It’s just-“
I interrupted Eva’s train wreck of a sentence and glided over to the mysterious boy, his amber eyes flicked over to me.
“Hi.” I give him a small smile.
“Hello,” he replies.
“I’m Olivia.” I stick out a hand and the boy shakes it, his palms almost engulf mine.
“So,” I clear my throat and grab the railing as the subway lurches along the tracks. “My friend over there, the blonde that won’t stop drooling over you, thinks you’re really cute so if you have a slip of paper so I could write her number on.”
Luke’s eyes flick over Eva and then back to me, I feel my cheeks burning under his gaze. “Only if you write your number too.”
I consider this for a moment and then fish around in my bag for a pen and find the strip of an old receipt to write on. I scribble the two phone numbers on just as the subway comes to a halt. I look out the window and see it’s our stop.
“Her name is Eva, E-V-A! And remember! I’m Olivia!” I give the boy a wink before slipping through the doors with Eva who looks like a kicked puppy now that her eye candy is gone.
“That was slick Liv!”
“Like ice.”
Eva nods in agreement, “like ice.”
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