If Cats where Greek Gods
Names Suck by Meowades
Hi I’m Meowades God of the Underworld. My name sucks I know. You don’t have to tell me twice. I’m married to this tabby named Purrsephone. Oh, I’m a big black cat.
One day, I was getting in the shower and my dearest Purrsephone walked by the b-room. And she was singing some odd song.. it was my song-
“My name is Meowades and I hate everyone and everything and my name sucks, I know.. it’s the name of my favorite place, which is Meowades where the dead dudes go. I really hate Purracles, wait I can’t say all the names. It would take purrever! Oh YAYAYAYAYA I have a big crush on Purra, who is Meous’ s wife and my sister too but whatevs! Hashtag WOOT WOOT..!”
And I was super angry. Was my dear wife a STALKER??!! So, I leapt out of the shower in anger. (Good thing I have fur) and scooted to my tabby wife. She was patting Meowaris, the three headed cat.
STALKERRRRRRRRRR is from a book by appleunicorn. I give all the credits for that line to you!
Urgh, back to the story..
My wife looked at me in disbelief.
“I do very much agree with your song. But I wanna tell you, Purra is an idiot! And, you told me that song when we got married, hun” Purrsephone meowed.
Dear diary,
I have had a good day so far. WAIT WHAT?! Did I just say the g word? Oh and I wrought this in pen. I wonder if my hunny bun has any erasable pens. Probably. She’s a nerd.
Quote- I’m an idiot.
Hope you liked Meowades’ s additude. What a weirdo.
P.S I didn’t think cat’s wrote diaries. ESPECIALLY Meowades. What a softy.

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