season 4
If Christmas Stockings Took Over Storybird
You get outta here!
Full Bloom had finally finished cloning back the Potato Forcers.
Since it was almost Christmas, they Forcers decorated the building with Christmas decorations, like Santa Potatoes.
Dave was still listening to K POP.
“Dave, do you like BTS?” Blue Wolfie the BTS fan asked.
(Dave is still blocked from commenting.)
Dacve shook his head really violently.
“YOU DON’T LIKE BTS?” Blue Wolfie screamed.
RIP Dave.
Then a peacock appeared, and pecked Blue Wolfie.
“CATCH THAT PEACOCK!!!” Blue Wolfie barked.
Pug and So Fierce joined her, and all together, they all chased the peacock down.
RIP Peacock.
Then a potato popped his head out of the Christmas Stocking, it was Pootato!
“CATCH THAT POOTATO!!!” the Utensils Band screeched.The forks, knives and spoons mashed the pootato to death.
“HO HO HO!” a voice rang out.
It was the big, fat, Santa Claws!
(Just kidding it was Purrrfect.)
The fat cat was looking for chocolate bars in the stockings.
“Purrfect, did you steal my chocolate?” Willow screeched.
“I......” Purrfect stammered.
RIP Purrfect.

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