Jacie can’t find herself anywhere. Will she ever follow her dreams?
If You Were To Write A Book
Nowhere. Nowhere at all.
“Jacie,” A soft and gentle voice reached Jacie’s ears. She mumbled, and turned over. Ever since Jacie woke up in a world of black and white, nothing ever changed. The same voices, same clothes, and same everything. Jacie remembered nothing. All she knew was she was alone. Nowhere. Nowhere at all. In a world where nothing changed, in a world where nobody said anything different. A world of repeat. This was 15-year-old Jacie Gardener’s life. At least, what she thought was her life.
“Jacie,” The voice repeated again, this time more persistent. Somebody wanted her to do something. Jacie was always forced. Never had a choice. So even if her parents wanted her to put herself in the icebox, Jacie would have a tugging feeling in her gut. A pulling that would make her do anything. Like she was bound to a rope, and was pulled along forever. Ever. Ever. Ever.
‘What would become of her?’ Jacie would wonder sometimes. What would happen if she fell and scraped her knee? Would she disappear from the world? Would she go back to the far away place they called “Colorfalls” where everything was the opposite? Jacie thought to herself.
“No.” She said aloud. The shadow over her seemed confused. “Mother, I-“
“Do not speak daughter. Do not speak daughter. Are you awake? Are you awake?” Now, their speech seemed confusing. They would always repeat. Jacie was the only one who didn’t. Then the memories came flooding back. Her being probed, and poked, and pushed. Scientists trying to find out what was wrong when she suddenly appeared in “their” world. Then Jacie felt her eyelids getting heavy again. Soon they closed back into sleep, and her Mother left the room, unfazed.

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First Things Are Always First

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