Kathryn Pearce and her friends are ordinary eighteen-year-olds until a strange event gives them abilities that they must learn to control if they are going to get through their troubles alive...

Chapter 1: Kathryn Pearce, Illusiomancer
Chapter 2: Samantha Meak, Pyromancer
Chapter 3: Nicole Holt, Aviomancer
Chapter 4: Liz Young, Necromancer
Chapter 5: Dutta Si’ane, Botanimancer
Chapter 6: Natalia Creed, Anthromancer
Chapter 7: May Sheridan, Heliomancer
Chapter 8: Rainbow Lights Of Weirdness
Chapter 9: Friends In A Box
Chapter 10: Please tell me that you don’t believe in magic.
Chapter 11: This looks bad - wait, no, it is bad.
Chapter 12: Fate of what now?
Chapter 13: Oh, yeah; here it is.
Chapter 14: See? That wasn’t a burn; you went up in flames.
Chapter 15: Do your worst, sweet-cheeks.
Chapter 16: Then you were wrong. {MAY}
Chapter 17: Delphi. Delphi. Delphi.
Chapter 18: Now you listen here, lady.
Chapter 19: Poof.
Chapter 20: Never fear, Gas Girl is here.
Chapter 21: I will wilt your plants!
Chapter 22: I want a puppy.
Chapter 23: The best in the business.
Chapter 24: Daaaaaaaaaaammmnnnn...
Chapter 25: We have a stealth jet?
Chapter 26: Nice name.
Chapter 27: But the Hot Mess will forever hold a place in our hearts.
Chapter 28: Legolas give me strength.
Chapter 29: Secret thing! {SAM}
Chapter 30: Ondska; Friend Or Foe
Chapter 31: You just found your inner wolf. {MAY}
Chapter 32: Yeah, you do that {EMMA}
Chapter 33: You’re related? You... and her? {NICOLE}
Chapter 34: She wouldn’t want us to fight! {DUTTA}
Chapter 35: Concentrate. {KAT}
Chapter 36: That’s... that’s unfortunate. {LIZ}
Chapter 37: Be strong {KAT}
Chapter 38: This is very very bad {SAM}
Chapter 39: I hate waiting. {NICOLE}
Chapter 40: [Epilogue] Pagomancer {SAM}

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