is this the real life, or is it just fantasy?
Kathryn Pearce, Illusiomancer
“Can you believe it?” I asked Nicole as we stood just inside the school gates. We were about to walk through them for the last time.
“Year Thirteen, Kat,” she said, her blonde hair bouncing as she skipped through the opening, “we’re ready to go out into the world!” She opened her grey eyes wide and spread her arms out wide, her face turned up to the sky.
I laughed and was about to step through the gates when I heard a whoop of delight. I turned and saw Sam sprinting towards the gates, a look of insane happiness on her face. Grinning, I dodged out of the way as she ran through the gates.
“I’m freeeeeeeeeeeeee!” she yelled, and she pulled Nicole into a bone-breaking hug.
“” Nicole gasped as she attempted to free herself.
I watched them for a bit before I looked back at the college. “I can’t believe I’m saying this,” I said, “but I think I’m actually going to miss this place...”
Sam looked at me. “Are you serious?” she asked, her brown eyes searching my face. Nicole used her chance to pull free, nodding her head. “I agree, Kat. We had some pretty good times here,” she sighed. Sam looked at her.
“You’re nuts,” she said as she walked away. “Nuts, both of you. You’re both completely nuts.”
I stepped through the gates with a sigh. “Don’t forget to go to Eclipse Park in two hours time!” I yelled after her. I couldn’t quite make out what she yelled back, but I think she said she would. I hoped she did.
I was planning to gather all of my friends together so that we would all be at the same place for the last time. Liz was moving to America soon, and we wouldn’t see her for ages.
Nicole looked at her watch. “Damn iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!” she said, her British accent becoming stronger. “I’ve got to go, bye!” as she ran down the street to try and catch her bus.
“Hey Nicole, where are the hobbits going?” I shouted, earning a few strange looks from people near me.
I just heard her distant reply.
I laughed, and started walking home.

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Samantha Meak, Pyromancer

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