I’m Not A Princess, But I’m A Princess
Mya LoverHeart
Hello. My name is Mya LoverHeart. I had a great adventure. Well, I’m a Princess, but I’m not. This journey all started long ago. Back when I was 8, my Mom and Dad enrolled me in “Princess Prep”. I didn’t wanna go because I’m unique. I have 4 normal girls as friends. Not princesses, but, as the mean girls at my school call them, Washrags. But, I have 2 friends that ARE princesses! Princess Ada and Princess Becky.
They understand and get me. I like to roll in the mud, play, get myself messy, get dirty, EVERYTHING a fancy princess wouldn’t do, I do!
My Mom says I’m a regular rebel. Well, It’s the 21st century Mom, wake up! I have 6 MacBook Airs, 16 iPhones, and 58 toys! Oh, and did I forget to mention my 54 apple iPads?
For a 8 year old, even for a princess, I gotta say, I’m pretty spoiled!
My other 4 friends, that aren’t princesses, are Katie, Rouge, Addawna and Dawn.
The one day, me and all my friends decided to have some fun! Even if It made us look like washrags, or not!
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