Asia cant show her powers. Or else....
Im not scared
My Life is torture
Hi! im Asia. And im 20 yrs old. And i came from a place called atiguela. You might not have heard of it, well its on another planet called earth 92. Same color and everything but waaay world friendly and a whole healthy! Anyway, here on atiguela my life is torture! You might be wondering why. Well yeah, atiguela is the most popular country to visit and stuff on earth 92, but this country has a dark secret. Its been secretly kidnapping alot of people my age and younger ( dont forget older!) becuase we have a special power nobody else has. When thier kidnapped thier either taken prisoner, but if thier power is too much to handle the unimaginable comes with this terrible package. My older brother ( which you should know is 29 yrs old and overly handsome!) and my mother got taken away last month. my dad and I got letters from them after awhile but never heard them from the beginning of this month. Now im probably next becuase of my powers too. I might live only if i dont use my powers where others can see them, which is hard becuase i kinda deal with electrecity and water and other stuff like that daily, so my dad would have to close the curtains. Ya see now? My life is torture! Even my best friend got taken away! Its like living kasterni #2 up in here! ( kasterni is like your holocust.) but dont worry i think a few more months then it will be over. ( i hope!).

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