In the Dark of the Night
The start of the run
It was 11:00 P.M, very late for a typical kid, but early for your typical thief. Max was perched on a gargoyle on the look out, waiting for his father to finish their heist. He basked in the light of the moon enjoying the slight summer breeze that was hitting him. The plan was flawless, it was simple, it couldn’t go wrong. As predicted it was a success,or so they thought.
They had immediately gone home and celebrated of there success not even thinking twice of what they had done. They were used to it, since they’ve been doing it for so many years. Max had been born into it, it was kind of like a family business. And like most family business they were expected to be followed and kept alive. For Max there hadn’t been a choice. He had never even thought of a life free of crime. It just how life was
After a couple of hours of celebrating Max decided to call it the day. After all tomorrow was a new city, a new plan, a new heist, a new day. So he put on his P.J’s turned off the lights and fell into a blissful sleep.
Unfortunately, his sleep was interrupted by a sirens. He shot awake, grabbed his emergency bag and ran to his fathers room. Who was in panic mode. The sirens were growing closer by the second.By then they both knew that they weren’t going to make it. His father grabbed Max by the shoulders shoved a couple of hundred bills in his hand and said “ Get out of the country.” Like any good son would Max instantly refused. They heard a knock on the door “THIS IS THE POLICE OPEN UP OR WE WILL USE FORCE.” Go NOW Max your my only hope, I will see you again one day, I love you. By now Max was half way down the fire escape, and just before the door was kicked down, He yelled “I love you too Dad!” Max jumped down the fire escape, and started running. Just before he turned the corner he stopped to look at the house one more time. But much too his dismay all he saw was red. Red from the burning building that just blew up.

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