There is no evIl: only brokEn Motives
In The Eye of the Beholder
A Night To Remember
“Are you ready?” Greyson asked, pulling on his jacket.
Clarissa sighed and she held up her favorite necklace. “I guess. As ready as I’ll ever be.”
Greyson took the necklace and latched it around Clarissa’s neck. “Everything’ll be fine, I promise.” He bent down and kissed her hair. “I won’t let anything happen to you.”
Clarissa smiled. When Greyson had first asked her to help him with this mission, she was a little skeptical. Normally he kept his work life a secret from her, as that was what he was instructed to do. But after he explained her important role, Clarissa found that she just couldn’t say no.
Greyson offered Clarissa his arm. “Ready to go?” he asked.
Clarissa took his arm and nodded. “Let’s do this thing.”
They arrived just as clock in the town square struck nine o’clock. Greyson paid the cab driver and straightened his tuxedo. “Clarissa.”
Clarissa spun around and found herself in Greyson’s arms. He leaned in to her side and kissed her neck. In between his teeth he held a tiny metallic microphone. He used his lips to position in on the cartilage behind her ear and it stuck. He pulled away and met Clarissa’s gaze. “Make sure you get the information we need,” he whispered. “You know the plan.”
Clarissa nodded and smiled. “That I do.”
The couple linked arms and approached the luxurious ballroom, each a little afraid of what they would find behind those two towering doors.

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