Sequel to nameless
Tyler’s POV
THE SEQUEL GUYS! IT’S HERE! THUMBS UP TO LLAMA AND LOKI! Let’s say Loki writes the funny parts, I write the serious parts and Llama... WELL, Llama moderates. Quick recap- Llama and Loki are the pen names of my two good friends who helped me write this story and the one before it! We’re Riti, Llama and Loki in short. Anyways... we all get the credit for this story and its prequel. It’s called Nameless. Have you read it? NOOO. Don’t read this without reading Nameless. Check it on my profile and I’m always going to leave a link in the comments. I LOVE LLAMA AND LOKI!!!
I woke up suddenly but couldn’t breathe. OH WAIT! My face was on the pillow. I realised I was in a hospital room cuz I saw the heart monitor thingy.
‘Jess, doctor or nurse! Mom, anyone alive! Come help me I’m alive!’ I tried to scream but croaked, because I felt weak.
Jess, my sister, suddenly ran into the room, ‘ The doctor said that you had barely any chance of surviving, we waited for 2 days but you didn’t wake up! We were... we had lost hope.’
She hugged me
‘Well, clearly I am alive....’ but I was shivering.
‘Want a jacket? I bet you’re cold and stiff, like Oliver Twist.’
UGH. Sisters, I tell you.
We laughed a bit.
‘ But on a serious note, why am I here?’ I asked because who wouldn’t?
‘Your crazy physco ex stabbed you... like seriously, we thought you were dead...’
‘Oh... WAIT WHAT?’
‘OHHHHH,’ she mocked me.
Then she left to call the doctor but between all of this, I still couldn’t believe Adi could do such a thing.
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