Her Fate Is written in... ink
This is my story. The story of how I had an epic adventure, found a true love, then lost it all to the enemy.
Sometimes I see them, walking along the streets, more ink than skin. Those are the people who have fallen in love the most. I envy those people, even though I shouldn’t. Mother calls them sluts and tells me never to become like that. But sometimes at night I see her scrubbing a her bare skin, all the places she is determined to cover up. She seems determined to remove them, but we all know that’s impossible. They told us in school that once you have the markings, they will never go away.
Sebastian was the first one in my class to get the markings. It was a cute lily pad shape on his forearm. We all wondered whose it was, until Olivia ran out of the room, her grey skirt swishing up and showing the marking on her ankle. Sebastian raced after her, and the next thing we all knew, they were a couple. Now as I sit across from them at lunch, watching them stare into each others eyes, I wonder if I will ever find love, or even experience lust, as I am sure Sebastian and Olivia are feeling now.
After school, I wander home, not quite thoughtless, but not thinking either. I go upstairs and get on my laptop, and I see I have four new messages from the person I was chatting with last night. I quickly respond to their messages. They respond, and we start chatting for a while. His name is Austin, and he’s really interesting to talk to.
After we’ve been talking for a while, I start to notice an itch, right on my arm. I lift my sleeve up a bit, and look down. My eyes widen in shock, as I see a snake shaped marking on my forearm. I quickly message Austin.
Hey, just wondering, what does your ink show?
He messages me back, while I sit there, waiting in anticipation for his answer.
It’s a treeish shape. Why do u ask?
I fall back in my chair, relieved at his answer. But my peace only lasts for a few seconds, and panic quickly replaces it. I slam my laptop shut and fall onto my bed, with a single word racing through my head. “Who?”

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Chapter 2

In which Ally finds out something shocking

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