Will she Catch the Real murderer before time runs out?
Breaking News: 18 Year Old Murderer
18 year old girl Kat Xilon murders 14 guests at party and injures 5.
Kat Xilon, 18 year old girl. Murderer of 14 teenagers and injuring 5 more at a party at one classmate’s house. She now is on the loose, and if you find her, immediately dial 911.
“WE DISOWN YOU. STAY AWAY FROM OUR HOUSE HOLD. LEAVE. NOW!” Shouted her parents. My dad shoved me out the door onto the cold wet floor outside, and yelled, “OUT!”
I didn’t do it! I swear.
I ran out the house and jumped onto my skateboard, hoodie draped over my face, making sure nobody could see me.
If the police caught me, I would serve time in jail forever. I wouldn’t go to juvie either, since I turned 18 a week ago.
But the thing is, who could’ve committed the murder? It was not me, because I was innocent.
Here’s a recap, of what basically happened last night.
So basically, I was dancing with Bethany, my best friend. So we were there, when I told her I was going to grab a drink from the kitchen. So tried to find it, but found myself in a huge, dark room. There were several light switches, so I just tried them one by one.
Then I heard something. Creepy giggles and another person’s scream.
They were probably drunk, so I ignored them.
Then as soon as I got the right lights, I saw Bethany and my crush, KISSING! “This is sooo fun!” Bethany squeals. As she’s having fun with my crush, anger was BOILING inside of me.
“UGHHHH! I thought... you...you were... my friend...” And I turned and ran. Tears were streaming down my face, as I heard Trevor (my crush) and Beth yelling at the same time, “It’s not what it looks like! I CAN EXPLAIN!”
I was so angry at them, and decided I was so over Trevor. I knew I could never trust Bethany again.
As I ran, I tripped over something sharp. It was caught on my red dress. I then realized it was a knife.
As I reached out to pull it out, another hand landed on mine, as I realized somebody else had been looking for it.
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