have you ever been extremely addicted to someone?
Insanely Addicted
My heart fluttered when he walked by, his dark-brown hair drifting in the breeze. His chocolate eyes gleamed and he flashed a pearly-white smile at a group of girls, making them turn red. His fans, who were mostly girls, pursued him through the busy halls, bumping into me as they went. He turned around, locking eyes with me. I gave him a small wave and a smile, deliberately trying to not draw attention to myself. Unfortunately, it didn’t work.
“Hannah!” he called, rushing towards me. “Hey! What’s up?” Eyes turned towards me, making my face feel hot. “H-hey Logan,” I stuttered. “How’re you doing today?”
“I’m doing great!” he said, grinning. “Which class are you going to now?”
“I’m going to my math class. I just need to get my books.”
“Oh, okay. Well, I don’t want you to be late for class! See you soon!”
Logan patted my head and strolled off, shooting me one of his dazzling smiles as he went.
My heart skipped a beat as I took my pencil bag and notebooks out of my locker. I met Logan in 6th grade. That was when all of the elementary schools in our district were mixed together to form one big group of students. He was really popular and had a lot of friends, and he has even more today. We used to be close friends, but I started to develop feelings for him. We’re still friends now that we’re in high school, but we aren’t as close.
“When did Logan and you become friends?” said a voice over my shoulder. I turned to see my best friends Ella Robertson and Layla Marshall snickering behind me.
“Soooo...” Layla croons. “I see you and Logan are getting close. So cute!
“Yeah!” Ella agrees, nodding. “Are you guys goin’ out?”
“N-no! Is that what everyone thinks?”
“Yep,” they say simultaneously.
I groan, rushing to my class. Ella and Layla tag along, giggling most of the way. “I mean, seriously,” Ella questions. “When are you guys gonna go out? It’s been, like, forever!” I ignore her, opening the door to my math class. We rush inside just as the bell rings. My math teacher Mr. Dixon eyes us sternly. “You kids were almost late!” he says, scolding us. “Next time, stop talking and walk faster. I really don’t want to have to give you a detention!”
“Sorry Mr. Dixon,” we say, staring at the floor.
Mr. Dixon nods and claps his hands. “Alright, class! Before we start, I have an important announcement.” The class murmurs as Mr. Dixon pauses. “You all know that the District Math Competition is coming up,” he continues. “So today after school, I’m holding try-outs in my room. If you love math, please try out!
We all start chattering excitedly. “Hannah!” Ella chirps. “You should totally join! You’re so good at math.” Layla nods. “You always get A’s on everything! You’d win for sure.”
I blush. “N-no, not really...”
“Ugh, don’t try to deny it!” Layla reproves. “So, are you gonna try out?”
I shrug. “Um, maybe...”
“Okay!” Ella interrupts. “Then we’ll see you after school!”
I bit my lip, a nervous habit. Gulp.
What was I getting myself into?
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